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Friday, January 15, 2010

Letter From Granny

I've recently renewed contact with a with an ex-colleague whose son has Down syndrome. She sent me photographs of her children and told me "Quintin is turning 24 in June and he is very precious. He was in his school's swimming, soccer and athletics team. He really enjoyed his sports." Here is a wonderful young man who has already gone through so many life experiences that Malakai still faces and I had so many unasked questions - mainly about his schooling and his work/independence.

This prompted the story I tell myself to resurface - hoping that that all the people out there that Malakai comes into contact with will support him as he embraces opportunities does his very best. I suppose I just want everyone to love my awesome little man as much as I do.

Then I ask myself why I am having these thoughts at all? Could it be because I expect Malakai to have difficulties? Could it be because I want Malakai to be treated differently to every other child? Could it be because I want to hold him back from experiencing life? Definitely not! So I have decided not to believe these thoughts because they are not true.

So, I ask myself, what is true? The reality that is right infront of me is true. And, I realise, reality is always kinder than the stories I tell myself! I can't know what the future will bring, and trying to fathom it out is impossible and a waste of precious time. What I do know for sure is that Malakai is awesome and everything is absolutely perfect just the way it is!

The last time I saw Malakai a few weeks ago, he was enjoying playing with his toys, dancing to music, clapping his little hands, having a blast throwing sand in the air with most of it landing in his hair, smiling proudly as he mastered manoeuvring down steps, sharing his toys with his parents, communicating through signs that he was hungry or thirsty or tired, contemplating walking, sleeping like an angel in his Mommy's arms, waving goodbye... Now, what can be better than that?

My heart is swollen with love for Malakai as I remind myself that he is my teacher and he will lead the way as he follows his own life path learning his lessons along the way. And me? I will follow his perfect progress applauding him every step of the way.

Granny Bugs


Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Tears of absolute awesomeness stream down my face.... Lorraine, Malakai is privledged to call you Granny and visa versa! What a beautiful letter that should always be cherished!

Lianna said...