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Sunday, February 22, 2009

This and that...

I'll take two... thanks...

Really... What????

Moms! Can't leave us alone!!

I feel as though my life revolves squarely around Home, Work, Eat & Sleep... four points... day after day.

That is not to say that I am not incredibly grateful for my life, my family and my work - I am blessed beyond all measure! It is just that... well... I need to get into my 'new' life as a mommy. After 28 years of doing my own thing really, I need to consider the needs of another little person and this includes going back to my full-time job in order to ensure we are financially secure enough to provide for our son at the moment.

The long and the short of it??? Get to the point???

I don't really have much news. Exciting news.

It is really the day-to-day stuff of life, the stuff that makes up a family's life together - this 'stuff' is worth celebrating and embracing because it means we are ok.
So! My week?
Malakai is doing fantastic (as usual!). He still loves his food and is getting much better at controlling his mid-section while *attempting* to sit. He has recently decided that he only wants Joyce (his nanny) or me to feed him though... keeping me thoroughly busy while my dear husband watches on, unable to assist...

We attended our first Down syndrome Parents Evening on Friday. The experience was completely awkward, sitting around a sparsely furnished room in a circle of white chairs, with a bunch of people we would never have ordinarily met, all because we share an extra chromosome in our family... Other than the obvious feelings of being uncomfortable - it went off quite well! There are many babies in the group and local area and we have decided to meet once a month - so I am sure where there is now awkwardness will soon be interest, then sharing and then (hopefully) friendship - for both us and our children! The group is a local division of our National Down Syndrome Association and they offer many great services such as therapy, linking parents together, outreach programmes, placement of our children in integrated schooling and eventually opportunities in the open job market. They came to see me when Malakai was first born, and I have found that they have always been open, friendly and completely supportive.

Otherwise, our weekend has (as always) been just too short! It was Caden's 1st birthday party on Saturday (little love-bug)! It was great to lie under the trees, enjoy burgers and play with our kiddos!

Ok - so four points... that's it! Nothing really exciting...

Monday, February 16, 2009

I think it's definitely time for new pictures!!

Malakai just loves food!
This is his favourite time of day (and mine too)!
There is nothing like meeting your child's needs - you know he wants it, you know you can give it to him, he's a happy camper, and you're a happier mommy!
I just love it!

Maybe I'm just hormonal...

...but I could just stick my head underground and stay there for a couple of months!

*warning... this is about to get mushy*

I am having a 'save the world' week... By this I mean that I take a whole bunch of stuff that I have absolutely no control over and worry about it until my head runs around in circles... it's definitely the hormones I think... urgh!!

The global financial crisis, local crime, orphaned children, captive animals & the destruction of our natural resources - it's all so scary and so overwhelming! I just don't know when people decided it was ok to discriminate, take without giving back, abuse and look the other way... How do they sleep at night? Do they sleep at night? Is it any of my business what their sleeping patterns are?

I think it has something to do with becoming a mother - all of a sudden my actions (their actions) are shaping the future for my son. What I do today has a direct effect on my son's tomorrow.

Can I change most of the things that I fear? Poverty, crime, pollution, greed, disrespect? I realise that I cannot have much effect on something that is happening on the other side of the world... but I can change my family, my work environment and the small community around me. I can choose to switch off the unnecessary lights, conserve fuel, eat organic, rescue the stray dog on my block, save a little extra, raise awareness, smile at a stranger, offer help where it's needed. Those are things I can do. Today. For my son's tomorrow.

So, *with hormones raging* I am really going to try to do just my little bit. Nothing extravagant, just simple acts of sensibility in a world that seems to have lost it's direction somewhat. I can make an effort to keep my little world as peaceful and positive as it can be, for Malakai.

Be the Change you want to see in the World
(sorry for the rant...)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Letter from Granny Dye

Dearest Malakai,

Here is another letter from Granny Dye - she misses you so much!!

Dearest Malakai,

Thank you for opening up my world! Through you I have been privileged to be introduced to a worldwide community of parents and their children who have an abundance of gentle strength.

Before your birth all I knew about Ds was that there was an extra chromosome involved. To me these children had challenges that were no different to any other children. Your Blog has taught me so much more and I continue to learn each day.

I am inspired by beautiful people who grab whatever life delivers and do their own very best in every moment. I watch you and see your determination to keep trying until you reach your own potential which is absolutely perfect for you - A lesson that most people spend their entire lives trying to learn.

If the world followed your example, we would all be supported by perfect acknowledgement, unconditional love and comforting peace.

I Love YOU

Thank you mom!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I won an award!!

Awarded to me by Ruby's Mom



I won an award!! Woo Hoo!! (can you tell it's my first?)

I've said it before and I'll say it again (yes...) - the blogging community is a place that I absolutely love! Full of amazing moms doing amazing stuff with amazing kids! Blogging has taken the 'science' out of my son's diagnosis and allowed me to glimse (thank you) at the life that is possible!

Now I must nominate 10 other bloggers (which will take some serious thought, because I love so many!) for this award - let's keep the love movin'

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy 6 Month Birthday!

6 months ago today... what can I say?

My dearest boy, you are the most beautiful gift that we have ever received - so much more than we ever knew we wanted!

These last 6 months have been a journey for your dad and I. A journey of surprise, of learning, of acceptance, of joy, and of absolute LOVE! You have never failed to amaze us and a single smile from you is enough to make sense of everything, to bring a peace (and flutter) to our hearts.

We love you and words seem to fail to truly describe just how much.

Mom & Dad

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Ok, so we had an evaluation at our new PT (another one...) yesterday and when asked where he is developmentally, we casually confirmed that Malakai is rolling all over the place... like, no big deal or anything...
And what do you think he does for the entire one hour session???? He lies on his back, like a starfish... like a very lame starfish...
HMPF! (as in the sound an frustrated hippo would make...)
The more I tried to tell the lady that he usually spends all his time on his tummy and rolls here and there and everywhere, the more she just looked at me with those 'some parents are just soooo out of touch with reality' eyes.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

WTG My Boy!

Dearest Malakai,

Way to go my boy!!! I am so proud of you - I wish you could hear me as I literally sing those words at the top of my voice!!

"Why mommy? Why?" I hear you ask, just as excited as me, your eyes all sparkly...

Last night you showed me that as little as you are, you are soooo clever! I decided to see if you would move towards something that you like and you didn't waste a minute in showing me just how clever you are! I put your favourite singing toy (a little tortoise that lights up and plays music) off to your left and you rolled over to get closer to it! Then I moved it to the right of you and you rolled over to get closer to it again! Yay!!

"OK, so why is that so exciting mom?"

Well, it's exciting because it means that you're understanding your sensory experiences and making decisions based on that. So, you are able to see and hear your tortoise, decide that you like it enough to want to get closer and then work on a plan (roll left or roll right) to get yourself there. That means that you're super clever my angel! I can't wait to tell Meena (your new OT) tomorrow!!

You are really so fantastic and this new rolling to fetch your tortoise has just made me so proud of you - well done my little boy! Your dad and I love you soooo much!

You are all my Reasons for Being,

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stand up and be counted

Ok Ok... so I have been 'stealing' many bits and pieces from other blogs lately... But in my defence, my only reading material these days are these blogs... sad? No. Positively inspiring!
I am a person who loves words - the beauty of them, how they string together lyrically, how they can build up a bruised soul or break down outdated perceptions... Today I found a piece on a fellow blogger's page that is just so lyrical, so sweat, so beautiful, so touching I wanted to share it here (from Tara at www.emmasage.blogspot.com ):

"We can all be angels to one another.
We can choose to obey the still small stirring within, the little whisper that says,
Go. Ask. Reach out.
Be an answer to someone's plea.
You have a part to play.
Have faith.
'We can decide to risk that He is indeed there, watching, caring, cherishing us as we love and accept love.
The world will be a better place for it.
And wherever they are, the angels will dance."
-Joan Wester Anderson