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Thursday, October 7, 2010

This 'n That...

Well, we are officially in summer! Yay! We hardly had a spring-time at all and seem to have just been thrown in the deep end - long bright sunny hot days, followed by cool nights... It's been lovely! No more dressing the boys in layers upon layers of clothes - just a t-shirt and shorts... yay!

Malakai loves being able to run around barefoot - keeping shoes on him this past winter was a challenge I tell you! The boys just love spending most of the day outside, in their garden, playing in the sandpit, the water table and the jungle-gym! If only we could get some rain now... It's been six months since our last rain - my garden is dead and the air (although beautifully warm) is carrying so much dust!

As for Malakai - he continues to go through a spurt in communication and fine motor development. He is saying more words more consistently now and even attempting two word phrases like 'more please'! I am so proud of my little monkey.

On the flip-side, Malakai is also determined to hit Harlan on the head with anything he can find and when he can't get near him, then he throws things at his head - and he's got a really good aim! We are trying various approaches to this problem, and so far nothing is working...

As for Harlan - he's becoming more mobile and adventurous with his body. He's a happy smiley boy, really! He adores Malakai, even if he's a bit nervous of him at times because he knows he gets hit on the head sometimes... oh no...

Both boys are teething up a storm! Malakai is getting his incisors and Harlan is getting teeth (just don't know which yet) because he's drooling up a storm and refusing solid food. Mama's not getting much sleep with these goings-on!

I thought I would leave everyone with a few pictures - long overdue!

Big Blue Eyes!

I love this one of Harlan!

Hooligan Malakai - In the car driving through the Lion Park

Malakai just loves water and playing in his water table

Both boys enjoying their jungle gym

Happy boy!

Smiling despite his snotty blocked nose!

Just loved this one - Harlan's big blue eyes!

Malakai talking to Harlan - I love it when he's gentle

Another big smile!

Getting teeth?

Playing in the washing basket

Cruising at the zoo

Learning to catch the ball - big boy!


Brandie said...

6 months without rain! Whoa! I'm sorry to hear about the hitting. At this age my kids always like to look at pictures of themselves, now and when they were babies. Could you make him a photo book showing him how you used to take care of him when he is a baby and then include some pictures of him being gentle with his brother? This worked with my girls, but I don't know as much about boys!

Jenn-Jenn said...

I love the wash basket pic - but come now, in truth that's the place you put him while you run after the other one! :) Kidding.

Elriza Paul said...

I love seeing the pictures of your boys! (I love seeing them in real life more, but lately that seems like a distant fantasy, hey?). As you said it, it's officially summer, so no more excuses! We have to let the boys play their hearts out together! Hope to see you soon my friend!