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Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Pictures... so far

We still have a good few days left of our Summer Holidays, and many more pictures to take... but I thought I'd load some in the meantime...

Christmas Morning with the boys

Malakai's first present

Harlan's first present

Malakai playing in his new 'tent house'

Harlan playing in Malakai's new 'tent house'!

Malakai just LOVES the piano at my sister's house - he'll sit there for hours just pounding on the keys... a little mozart maybe?

Pool time! The boys both love the water...

Malakai can jump into his dad's arms a million times over!

Harlan and me in the Jacuzzi - love the little stinker!

My dad giving Harlan his bottle

Natalia (my niece) running along the slip 'n slide - pure joy if I ever saw it!

Harlan's hair - ha ha! So cute!

Malakai on the slide - he's getting so big!


Malakai crawling through the tunnel

My beautiful boy - no really... how beautiful is this kid????

Like an olympic athlete crossing over the finish line - coz that's how he rolls!

Watermelon - Harlan's absolute favourite snack on these incredibly hot days!

Barefeet... grass... summer time!

He's just such a solid little guy, Mr Harlan!

Malakai and Darryl running and playing on the grass at Irene Dairy



Lianna said...

Just a really lovely photo story!!!

Merry Christmas Loren!!!

PS. Both your boys are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What lovely bright pictures. Happy family! You are very lucky.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures. You have beautiful boys. You must be very proud and feel very lucky.

jjpsmommy07 said...

Beautiful Boys! Love the pictures! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years