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Monday, November 7, 2011

Special Request

It is for a very special reason that I am proverbially "shooshing the dust" off this little precious blog of mine - and the reason is little Jude, a newborn baby boy born to a loving mom and dad.

Jude was born with Down syndrome, diagnosed shortly after birth. I have spoken to his mom and dad about how beautiful he is and that everything will be ok (as we know it to be in our wonderful community, no?).

Jude is facing a few challenges though that I would appreciate any feedback or assistance with from this wonderful online community that I know supported, loved, and shared with me when it came to Malakai.

Jude has heart issues, as well as cataracts on his eyes and hearing challenges. Moms who have been here and done this, please can you email me directly or comment on the blog with your thoughts, tips, inspiration, ideas, links etc.?

It would mean the world to this mom and dad - they need a little upliftment and Jude needs everybody's well wishes and prayers.

Thank you so much moms and dads - you rock (as always!).

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