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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Be Yielding

Dearest Malakai,

You are becoming a real little person now! I love to spend time with you when you are awake, looking around, wriggling your little body, turning to look at your favourite things, even hinting at a smile for me!

This week I wanted to write about something that seems so simple... so unimportant... but those are the most important things I have learned!!
To be yielding means that you are not rigid, not so set and so sure that you will turn the other cheek to ideas and people that don't fit your ideas of 'How Things Should Be'.
To be yielding means that you are like a beautiful tree, swaying in the breeze - going this way and that, not fighting or arguing with the way the wind blows.
I spent the better part of this week being a bit like a stale twig... not wanting to give up, not wanting to move from my spot and all the while being... well... a very unhappy little stale twig!
Sometimes it is not only a happier state of being to be yielding, it is also a learning curve to see something as someone else sees it! And most often, when you let go of your ideas and just yield (or surrender), the very thing you wanted so badly comes to you without a fight or tears.
So! As unimportant it may seem, to be a soft green tree blowing this way and that in the wind, is perhaps the most powerful and awesome thing - because let's face it... being a stale little twig is rather sad and not very fun!

You are all my Reasons for Being!

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