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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh My!

Well... where do I even start?

I have put a whole lot of pictures up today, taken over the past week or so!

Malakai has been a superstar as usual! He now has both bottom teeth, and thankfully we seem to be having a bit of break before the next teeth come through. He's sleeping so much better at night now (and so is Daddy...)

Also, as you can see, Daddy cut Malakai's hair this weekend! I was out and got a phone call to say that his hair was being cut. I wanted to wait until he was a year old (for reasons I can't exactly explain), but Daddy said his head looked like a hairy mango pip (What???) and when I got home and saw him - well! Do you know of a cuter little boy? Seriously. Do you?

Otherwise, Malakai is seriously becoming mobile. No crawling yet, but he makes a plan I tell you! I have never seen someone roll around with such conviction and purpose! Also, he just wants to stand and tries to pull himself up on things - a little scary! Yesterday Malakai had pulled himself up on the side of his cot after his nap!

On the food front - I must admit I am no closer to getting Malakai to swallow bigger pieces. A chocking child kinda does that to you! So, I'm thinking of learning the Heimlich Maneuver and then I'll try again!

Ok - so a small update... and some pics!
Malakai chilling with Elriza at the picnic!
Caden (Malakai's little friend) - running rampant

Caden - looking cute
Caden - looking even cuter!

Caden - dressed like a real mini-man!

Malakai - eating his toys (yummy) and before his haircut!

Striking a pose - pretty boy!

Could he get cuter?

Seriously. Could he?

Loving mommy!

Dressed in his dungarees that granny bought him before he was even born! This one's for you mom!


Kimy said...

He is just too cute for words!!!

Laurie said...

He is STUNNING!! I absolutely love the new 'do!

Lianna said...

OMG! I LOVE the haircut! Malakai Stow, you are one stylin' dude! Adorable! Could his eyes be any bluer? Amazing...♥

Lacey said...

Oh now he really does look like Jax with the fohawk. Good job daddy.

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Absolutely stunning photos of the boys... Kai's new hair cut is sooo cute! So happy to hear that he is doing so well! Keep well! Megs

Elriza Paul said...

Now I know you've heard this before...but your little man is toooooo cute for words! I LOVE the pic with him in his dungaree!!!

Deqlan said...

aaaawwwwww Kai, you are cuter then ever , cant wait to see your new ' do' in person! lots of love !mark samm deqlan logan

Sharon said...

Incredibly cute and looking like such a big boy!

Ruby's Mom said...

Oh,my,goodness!What a super cutie!!He's getting so big!!

Brandie said...

Love the hair! He's adorable and looking so much "older"!