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Friday, June 5, 2009

Sleepless Nights...

I know I haven't posted news in a long time! I just can't say why... I have been following all my blogs though, and I just love catching up with everyone and their kiddos! It is my little escape, when I find the time!

Mr. Malakai has been doing well - he has been keeping me up at night though! Now, I know I've been soooo blessed that for the most part, Malakai has slept through the night from 6 to 6 since he was about 3 months old... very blessed! So, I am not used to sleep deprivation people!! I don't know how to cope!

First, it was a stubborn runny nose that would wake him in the middle of the night and now it's teeth... yes! Those two little bottom ones are getting ready to make an appearance! I am excited that he'll soon be able to chew food!! But the night wakings... good grief!

Other than that, Malakai is really close to crawling - he is getting onto all fours and rocking back and forth - just adorable! And tonight, for the first time without any assistance, he's taken himself from lying on his tummy to sitting up. All by himself! What a clever boy! I am just so proud of him! We're also working on mimicking - so I'll pat the table, and he'll pat the table. I'll throw the ball and he'll throw the ball...

I didn't realise before becoming a mother that the little things are just so amazing! And, dare I say, more so because my little boy is 'apparently' DISabled? From my last posts it is clear that I was struggling somewhat with fitting in every conceivable exercise to maximise Malakai's potential. Then, I think because I'm so friggen tired, I just couldn't carry on beating myself up - it was too tiring... LOL! And hey presto - he makes leaps and bounds - just when I give myself permission to Let Go.

When will I learn?

I suppose when I do, I'll know! LOL!

Anyhoo - I just wanted to send a small update into Bloggy-World. Just in case anyone thought we'd fallen off the face of the earth... we haven't! Mommy's just very very tired and Malakai's very very busy!


Lianna said...

"When will I learn?" I ask myself the same question.

It sounds like Malakai is doing very well! I love reading about the mobility stage because I remember how significant it was for Gabriel. And, believe me, there were long moments in time when I thought that things just wouldn't happen...but inevitably they do! :)

Good to see you back...Now sleep! :P

Lacey said...

I hate the teeth. And downs kids seem forever to come through. Argh

Sharon said...

Thanks for the update! Aside from the lack of sleep, it sounds like you're all doing really well and that he'll be crawling soon - how exciting!!

Laurie said...

WTG Malakai!! Sounds like he is doing fabulously!!

I hope his teeth break through soon, though, so you can get some rest... : )