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Friday, July 17, 2009

It's a floater!

Malakai is such a star!

I thought I'd start with that! :)

He is becoming so mobile and really starting to explore (every single) aspect of his environment! He'll throw his ball and chase after it for ages! He's trying to pull himself up on things and his understanding of what's going on around him is amazing!

His crawling has improved so much over the past two weeks and I'm so proud of my little monkey!

Ok - so about my title - 'it's a floater!'

Well - Malakai loves to poo in the bath. Yes. In. The. Bath.

Almost every night he'll 'drop one' while bathing... Now I've tried delaying his bath, massaging his tummy before a bath, playing with his legs to get the poo flowing BEFORE his bath, but to no avail...

I dunno - maybe it's the freedom of floating around in water that does it for him? I've heard of people that go into libraries and the smell of books instantly makes them want to do a 'number 2'... so maybe it's psychological?

Well - Malakai used to suffer from the most terrible constipation, so whenever he poos I'm grateful! But, this obviously causes some logistical problems - namely - I can't bath my son in poo-water!!

Am I alone? Is Malakai the only one who loves to poo in the bath? Any guidance out there? Tips? Hints? It would make bath-time so much easier for me.


Sonia said...

hmmm...that's interesting! Maybe swim diapers? I can't think of anything else.

Leigh and Kim Pomario said...

Well Natalia made her first poo in the bath last night. Luckily right at the end so I scooped her out quickly. I hope its not hereditary and happens every night now??? So no, you are not alone sis.......

Lianna said...

When Gabriel was younger, we had terrible constipation problems. The bath was one of our "tools" we used to help his relief. We read the tip on Dr. Sears site, I believe...

Now, even at his age, four, he can become so relaxed and happy in the tub, and forget NOT to poop. He has fewer bouts of constipation -- I think it is due to his mobility and greatly varied diet now that he takes all textures and chews well.

We've had our share of showers and scrubbing out the tub during bathtime, but I think that if it offers relief, why not?

Lisa said...

Bridget went through a phase of pooping in the tub. While all the other kids thought it was hilarious, I was a mad woman, trying to grab a slippery, wet baby out of the tub with the floater in it! Thank goodness it was a short phase. I did put a little potty next to the tub and watched her carefully while she was bathing. Poor thing, if she even looked like she was thinking about letting one fly, I pulled her out and sat her on the potty. It did work, though...and she realized she could go #2 in her potty chair!

Laura said...


From one bath pooer to another bath pooer Gracie says "Cheers!" to Malakai. From a Mama standpoint, Gracie when through a bath pooing stage and thankfully it only lasted maybe 6 months. Today we are happy to report she is bath-poo free and enjoying suddsy clean bath water!

Laura & Gracie

Beth said...

Yes, this seems to be a universal thing within the Ds population, and also found in typically developing babies as well. It has something to do with the release of seratonin which occurs due to change in body temperature (warm water--or cool water in a swimming pool).

And what a big boy! Drinking independently and those two beautiful teeth!