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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A little hurt and confused

Recently, I have been made aware of particular people who have written things from a perspective of 'authority' and 'knowing', and yet, who know nothing.

I'm Sorry. Let me be more specific.

They know alot about alot of things. Ego. Plastic Perfect. Non Acceptance. Intolerance. Misunderstanding. and Hatred, to name but a few of their areas of expertise.

Now, don't get me wrong - everyone should be an expert in something that they feel passionate about. But when their passion is about Division and Ignorance, then I'd like to chip in.

So - they know alot about alot of things, but those are not things I wish to welcome into my life. Those are not things that have any place in my heart or the hearts of those I choose to surround myself with. I am all for a person who says 'I don't know. Will you tell me more?' because there is always the time and space to teach and share. But some people, with voices that are public and voices that are believed, sometimes say things that hurt and confuse me.

Why would a person say that my son is not worthy of life? of Love. of Respect. of Freedom? They haven't met me, they haven't met my son. And frankly, I'd probably have to stampede right over them like a mother elephant in a fit of protective rage over her baby. Now - you'd say that's probably not very nice. No, it isn't. But it is the way I feel when I'm hurt and confused.

What business is it of theirs what I choose to do, or who my son is? They don't care enough to know him and his Love and Life, but they do care enough to publicly say hateful things about him because of what? He has an extra chromosome? He's going to experience some difficulties in life reaching his goals? He's going to do all of this to the best of his ability and with me by his side, telling him that he can. And he will. Mark my words.

My son doesn't know hatred. He doesn't care for labels. His life is about Joy. His message is about Hope. He is a perfect expression of Love.

Why hate him Mr. Important Writer of Alot of Things? Come and meet him, get to know him (if I don't stampede you first) and then put your pen to paper with a clear conscience that you actually know alot about alot of Meaningful things.

No. I can't change the world. My son will face this kind of backward, prehistoric, eugenic-driven, plastic-perfect-worshiping, ego-driven dribble - I know that. But as long as he knows that it's just dribble.



Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Oh I so hear you on this one. Great post. I love your words. You speak the truth in this post. Bless you!

Ruby's Mom said...

Really good post!!

Elriza Paul said...

A very smart woman (aka you) once told me that people always do the best they can with the knowledge that is available to them. These people do not know any better my friend. But I definitely do understand your anger and would probably feel exactly the same in your position. You are doing a wonderful job, and don't waste your energy on ignorant people.


Leigh and Kim Pomario said...

Who was it??? Aunty Elephant here will also stampede this pathetic person!!! Just let me know Loren, you know how I feel about ignorant people....

Lisa said...

I feel your pain, Lauren. Great post.

Beth said...

Stampede away! You stampede and let Malakai crawl!

sheree said...

I'm sorry you're hurting...I know the feeling and I can share your hurt now as it effects my child just the same.

I'm sure you would have a whole herd of momma elephants behind you! :)

Cathy said...

You are a great mom! Thanks for standing up for all our kids!!!!!!!