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Monday, September 21, 2009

Long Overdue

Malakai and his cousin Natalia - chilling in the jacuzzi last weekend

Malakai and Dada - smiley boys!

A long overdue post... I know I know!

Firstly, Malakai is doing really well – as if I’d have a different perspective?! I think my son is the most clever, gorgeous, charming, funny little person ever – but I’m a bit biased...

Malakai is getting more confident in his physical abilities with every passing day – what was a crawl is now a blur (he moves fast!), he follows me now as I move around the house. He’s also getting very good at pulling himself up on the furniture and loves to get himself into all the places he’s not allowed to go.
Changing a nappy or getting dressed is a battle of wills – Malakai’s one aim seems to be to escape me, mid-nappy! It’s really quite funny to watch I suppose, as I have to stop him from flipping over onto his tummy and crawling away – I sing, I chant the alphabet, I make funny faces, I have toys on hand to occupy him... but with no great success!
A “no” from me is greeted by a wicked smiled and a giggle – and then he does it anyway! Whew! I didn’t know that discipline started so young, and that I’d have to repeat myself over and over and over again! LOL!
Malakai is also babbling nicely, but the sign language seems to have taken a back seat – but it’s to be expected with such an explosion in physical ability. So I’m not worried at all!
Malakai now has a total of 4 teeth, (two at the bottom middle and his top two eye teeth) – and they do a very good job of munching through a whole array of new foods (tennis biscuits are his favourite)!

I am now about 21 weeks pregnant with another little boy! Have I said that already? Not sure, because I know I’ve been repeating myself, and sometimes I even KNOW that I’m about to repeat myself but I’m too brain-tired to stop myself... so I just do it anyway!
This second pregnancy is very different from Malakai’s, the obvious reasons being that I’m already a mom and don’t have time to dote on my belly like I did with Malakai! I’ve also gained alot less weight this time, in fact I’m a whole 9kgs lighter than I was with Malakai at this time! OK yes, I was a bit of a hippo last time around...

I’m also very tired – my husband says that it’s all I ever say!
How are you? Tired.
What do you want to do? Sleep.
How was your day? Tiring.
Good morning... I’m tired!

But I am working three jobs (four if you count growing a baby as a job... five if you count being a mom as a job... six if you count being a wife as another job, although I’m not very good at that at the moment – poor husband!). But we have much to be grateful for, especially the additional income which is going a long way towards securing a financially free maternity leave for January 2010!

Otherwise, summer is finally here – I am sitting on my patio after dark writing this post. The air is fresh, I can hear the crickets and bullfrogs in the distance, mosquitoes are attacking my feet (itchy!) and I am waiting patiently for our first thunderstorm (my favourite) – not tonight though!


Kimy said...

Great update!! Your descriptions remind me so much of Maddy... crawling at lightening speed, pulling up on everything, trying to roll over when I'm changing her diaper and laughing when I tell her no. So funny! How old is Malakai now? Maddy is 17 months and it sounds like they are doing most of the same things.

Lacey said...

I love lightening storms. My boys, on the other hand, do not. Look at that boy, he's getting so big.

Deqlan said...

what gorgeous pics - how cute is Kai and Natalia, so pretty, i can see they going to be best buddies!

Lianna said...

What a great update! And I dare say that Malakai has grown up again! The photos are wonderful.

You're allowed to be tired. So, go be tired, woman! And do take care and enjoy the beginnings of summer!

Here, in Ottawa, we have the leaves changing colours from greens to reds and yellows and wickedly cool nights. I just don't want winter to come...

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Always love your updates and seeing your gorgeous boy!!!

thetaooftulips said...

Congratulations on your pg Loren! I love the all the pictures- you are very talented and Malakai is a little doll!

Alison said...

He looks like such a happy little boy - makes you want to eat him up. Thanks for sharing the photos. He's growing so quickly it's great to keep track. Big hugs to Malakai

The Boltz Family said...

Congrats on the news of a brother for Malakai. And, as always, I think he is a most handsome fellow!

Anderson Family said...

I am just trying to catch back up on blogs - sounds like Malakai is doing great. I love that he is crawling fast - Carter is getting pretty fast at the army crawl thing but he could go so much faster on his knees if he could do it.