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Friday, September 4, 2009

Spring Flowers

On my patio - my favourit summer hangout - sits my favourite table, an old farmhouse piece bought from a tiny shop in Parys. On that table sits a set of four white-and-green coated tin pots, all in neat little row. I bought those pots before Malakai was born, with the intention of having a Living Table Centerpiece... I never got around to it.

When I got home from the hospital after Malakai was born, my mother had taken the time to stop by a plant shop and bought beautiful flowers for the pots on my favourite table. It was such a kind gesture, one that made my home feel well... homely.

The flowers have started blooming again, sitting pretty on my favourite table, calling me out to enjoy our milder evenings, wafting fragrant with the smell of jasmin and other spring flowers. It is just so beautiful.

What I didn't expect was that just by looking at the flowers I am transported back to last year. Returning home from the hospital with a baby boy that I was both in love with and completely afraid of. Like a piece of music or a smell, I'm literally transported back to a time when I was different, a time when my world had just changed in ways that I had yet to completely comprehend. I remember the thoughts, the worries, deep dark abyss of the unknown. But I am also reminded of another very vivid thought of that time - my son is a miracle. Clear as day. I knew that Malakai was a miracle, a gift, a great teacher come to show me some very important lessons if I could open myself to see them.

When I look at my beautiful Living Table Centerpiece now, I'm sure of one thing. Malakai is my beautiful boy, I have nothing to be afraid of, he's a miracle unfolding before my eyes every day.

I am blessed.


Lianna said...

A beautiful, poetic post, Loren. Please post a picture of the table and flowers when you can.♥

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Such inspiring words from an inspiring woman! I remember seeing those flowers on that table when I first met Malakai when he came home from the hospital! They are beautiful as is your precious son! God bless!

Elriza Paul said...

Very beautiful and very true words!