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Monday, June 21, 2010

"D" is for "Dada"

Darryl is such an amazing father - he really, really is. As the other-half of this marriage, he completes me and brings to the table so much that I can't. Thanks to Darryl, our children have two very different parents, and because of this, they have the best of both worlds - literally!

Where I'm super-anxious, a list-writer and worrier, Darryl is relaxed, free-spirited and naturally optimistic. We are very yin-yang-ish parents! But what we both have in common is the desire to meet in the middle and do the best for each other and the children.

Thanks to Darryl, the boys have a dad who will always drop what he's doing, get down on the floor, and play rough and tumble. A dad who will get up 10 times a night to soothe a crying baby. A dad who loves to be involved - nothing is out of bounds for Darryl - a dad who gets stuck into everything.

Darryl is my crutch, my soft place to fall, the one who tells me that everything will be alright - and he gives that and so much more to our boys.

I feel blessed to know and love Darryl and call him the father of my children.


Anonymous said...

Awsome! You are very blessed to have him!

stephanie said...

a very beautiful post and photo!!!

Mawar said...

nice blog :)

Mirul said...

is that your son?
wow, so cute...


Venus Lam said...

I was in Johannesburg during Feb-Jun of 1992. There is a big change in South Africa and I wish one day, I will be there again.