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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You know you're getting old...

...when you put your back out changing your kid's nappy!

My age related illnesses aside - it's been a busy couple of weeks in the Stow household!

Malakai is officially out of school now, and not a moment too soon, as Bronchitis and the RSV virus make their rounds in our area - so many little ones are in hospital at the moment! No one tells you that winter is pure hell before you become a mom. We are only one month in and have another three to go before spring (yes, I know... we're actually very lucky to have only four months of winter... but they are a very long four months!)

Malakai is just gorgeous and he loves being home with Joyce - she really spoils him with so much attention and they play all day long. Other than catching everything under the sun at nursery school - I also decided to remove Malakai because he's going through a communicative-explosion. He is learning new signs and almost ready to say his first real words, and when I asked them at school if they were signing back to him (because I gave them copies of ASL to learn), they told me that they never noticed him signing... Now, I know that he signs all the time. So it's better that he's at home where Joyce & I can nurture his signing development and we can really focus on this area while he's so interested in it!

As for Harlan... He's really crept very snuggly into my heart now. I must be honest and say that it took me a while longer than I expected to bond with him. I think it may have had something to do with all his crying. I was mostly on the defensive with him, trying to avoid anything that could potentially make him cry. He still has his moments, but his little personality is starting to surface and he's so darn cute! He's all about his mouth at the moment - everything goes into his mouth and he's getting very good at holding his rattle and giving it an exploratory lick... He's also very verbal, goo-ing and ga-ing all over the place!

This last weekend we took the boys to a local restuarant with a large play area - it was our first outing in a while because the boys have been sick for so long. It was so nice to see Harlan enjoy the outing (he usually cries if we take him out of his routine) and Malakai had an absolute blast chasing birds, playing in the sandpit, climbing the jungle-gym and running rampant! It was my sister-in-law's 30th birthday party, so we wish her a fantastic year ahead!

Which reminds me... I'm almost 30... in just over four months time... yikes! That must be the reason I put my back out!

Malakai on the jungle-gym with Darryl

Mr. Independent...

picking up feathers on the grass

nothing misses Malakai's eagle-eye these days - he notices everything

there's a smiley boy!

I just love Harlan's little shoes!

like I said... everything in his mouth...

Darryl touching Harlan's little nose

Malakai in the sandpit

Malakai with the Amazing Aunty Sheri - she is so good with him...


Kelly said...

What adorable pics! And I LOVE Harlan's shoes:) Malakai is getting so BIG....and I love his independence!!! (SMILE)

stephanie said...

OH the pics are beautiful! Good call on the nursery school. Goodness you don't want him to loose his signing because they are not in tune to it.
And you cannot even think of saying the "O" word(old) until you are about to turn 40!!
You're still a young chick!

jjpsmommy07 said...

Great pictures! Love Harlans shoes. I agree about nursery school, I would have pulled him out too. I won't do or allow anything that will set Jonathon back! Good call mama!
And you definitely are not old! Try being 41! LOL

Jennifer said...

I hope you make it through the winter without too much sickness. Liam picked up everything last winter from the boys. I'm glad we finally made it through all the illness here and can enjoy summer! I hope your back feels better soon. It's hard to rest with kids to take care of.

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Wow Loren, what absolutely beautiful pics of your beautiful boys!!! Glad to know that you all are well now and I hope and prayer the winter bugs stay away!
Sorry about your back, hope it gets better soon! Was awesome to see you last week, looking so forward to taking the boys on adventures throughout the holidays! God bless!

Lisa said...

30?? Please!! You're a baby ;)

Seriously, I think the 30s is the best decade of all so far. Not loving my 40s.

Your boys are delicious, as usual :)

Terry Family said...

Loren, So sorry to hear about the preschool issue. As a mother of a son who only signs, I know how important it is for teachers to be reinforcing and communicating in sign. It's so easy to do and no reason it shouldn't be encouraged, even if they don't see him signing. Bummer.

I can't wait to hear what Malakai's first word will be. Nathan is really experimenting with sound lately too and I just love it!

All the pictures are gorgeous!
Kandi & Nathan