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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Growing and Learning

Today, Malakai's therapist asked me if there was anything that his teachers thought he needed some extra help with, that they could address in future therapy sessions? Well... um... I hadn't actually asked... *ahem*

So, when I dropped Malakai off at creche after the therapy session I dutifully asked the teacher what I am pretty sure I should have asked before this morning (...embarrassed face...) - what areas can we work on at home and in therapy to make sure that Malakai is not lagging behind in any areas?

The answer my friends? Not much. Yes! Not much!!

According to Malakai's teacher, the only areas where he's a bit behind his typical friends is in speech (which we know already) and running (ok...).

So! I am utterly friggen pleased with my little man! He is fitting in so well and really taking part. He knows just as much as his friends do and his teacher tells me that he's actually ahead them with his ball skills.

Oh. My. Fluttering. Heart. be still...

I know, I know... speech and running. Yes, yes, yes. But these things we know - Malakai is delayed in speech, but he's using sign language so well (he knows over 150 signs and uses about 30 on a regular day-to-day basis). We know what he wants, he knows what he wants, his teachers know what he wants, so we're pretty satisfied that he's communicating, even if it's not in the traditional sense.

As for running - you should see it. Malakai runs as if he's an Olympic athlete crossing the line. Head back, arms stretched out behind him... It is too cute. However, this running-posture (for want of a better word) does not a sprinter make...

So - my son's a bit of a slow runner. I'm really not crying into my lap about that one!

What I am doing is having a little party in my heart for my beautiful boy - I am celebrating his spirit, his determination, his joy, his ability and most of all, his humble little offering of himself - in all his "wondrousness" - to his world.

You go my boy.

Just the other day I asked my husband if he thought, on the day that Malakai was diagnosed, it would ever actually be this... well... normal?

And it is. Life is life. Our son is loved as any other son is loved. There is no difference in our hearts, and there is no difference in reality. He is simply perfect - extra chromosome or not - just as he is.

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Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Just so you know, theres a party going on here in my heart too with this wonderful news! Malakai you are a Rock Star!