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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I just finished watching the movie "Precious". Very seldom do I think that a movie comes along that really takes difficult topics head on. No holds barred, full steam ahead, calling a spade a spade... whatever way you'd like to describe it.

But I am left wondering what I have just witnessed.

Did I see abuse, dysfunction, darkness and despair? Yes, I think that was pretty obvious. But I think I also saw hope, redemption and prayed and cried and urged Precious to find the strength to make it better.

But how? How do you find the faith to move in a positive direction when all you've ever heard is that you're stupid, fat, useless, and unlovable?

Oh my soul - that another human being has to be brought into the world hearing those words come from their mother's mouth. I just cannot comprehend it - and yet, I know it happens. I know it's out there. I know that too many children have heard those words.

And yes, the fact that Precious' first child was referred to the entire movie as 'mongol' did not escape me. Was I offended? No. Was I terribly hurt for that child? Yes. Did I appreciate the honesty and understand that this does happen? Yes.

The movie ends as Precious takes her first daughter (who has Down syndrome) and her son and walks away from her mother (and hopefully her past) forever. And we are left wondering if she'll make it. Can she make it? Lord, I hope she can.

And I am left not wondering about the movie as much as I'm wondering about the world in general.

Just recently the world celebrated the death of the nortorious Osama Bin Laden. Yes, I think his death was news-worthy and yes, I think that may help to finally bring the whole 9/11 atrocity to a close.

But as I watched the news coverage that day, just over a week ago, I remember thinking clearly to myself - 'Have we lost our minds?'.

Yes, I know that his death is important and that he caused the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women and children. That because of him families are without fathers, mothers, children and siblings that they loved dearly.

I get all of that.

But lets rewind even further - why the hell did he spend years and countless amounts of money planning to fly planes full of people into buildings full of people? What the hell for?

To prove some ideology?

And then to retaliate and spend more countless amounts of money on wars all over the place for what? What? And how can anyone defend spending this kind of money - when there is even one Precious and even one child being called a mongol in this day and age...

Can we not look at our own back yards and just fix the terrible mess that is growing there? Can we not decide that life, dignity and love are important? More important than revenge, war, money and industry?

How can we, as citizens of the world, be ok with spending billions on destruction, war and death when only a fraction of money is being spent on making this place - this planet - inhabitable and sustainable for everyone on it.

When is it going to stop being about us and them, and start being about everyone? Every single human being.

When is giving every human being the means to reach their potential going to be our top priority?

But hey, I am not a head of state and I certainly don't know what it's like to be in that position. I am a mother though, and I have a son with a disability, and I know that most people just want what I want - to be safe, loved, at peace and hopeful for a better future.

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