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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mango Slices & Belly Laughs

Well... just some pictures from today! I had a rather busy weekend, I did 3 photo shoots this weekend, so my time with Malakai was very precious!
So, this post is complete update on my little man!
For those of you that I haven't bored to death with every blow-by-blow detail - my little man is now sitting! ...well, sort of! He will sit for quite a while on his own, and then depending on what he tries to do (bang his toy or reach for another toy), he'll topple over! It's too cute! Malakai is also starting to pull his legs underneath himself when on his tummy (like he wants to crawl), but for now his arms are not quite playing along! Regardless - he's very determined and will get clearly frustrated when he can't reach the toy he's after!
As for solids - Malakai still LOVES to eat! He's now tried (and loved) butternut & sweet potato, beef stew, pear & apple, paw paw, melon and banana! He has also tried 'droe wors' (Afrikaans for 'dried sausage') - sounds yucky, but it's actually very very yummy!! And today I gave him a dried mango slice which he loved (can you tell by the pictures???).
Malakai continues to amaze me with his physical strength - he just tries and tries and tries!
As for the 'Belly Laugh' portion of my post... Getting Malakai to laugh is like trying to pull teeth from a chicken (no laughing matter, I assure you!). I know he can laugh, I have heard it! Although it has never been a 'giggle', he has 'chuckled' (like choking on a cough...) for me before! So today I discovered something that he thought was hilarious - and by the picture above you can see that! But no sound... Just a little 'choke' noise once or twice. He IS laughing, but without sound? But just like everything else in my little man's life - he will do what he does in his time - he knows best after all!
Until my next post - I'd like to say that I am thinking of all my bloggy friends out there! I follow your stories, they inspire me, they make me think, they make me proud, they make me rejoice! I think of your beautiful children daily, and I pray for the very very best for all of them!


My name is Sarah said...

That mango does look good. So cute.

Tara Marie said...

Malakai is just so beautiful.....and your photography captures my heart!!! That mango looked delicious!!!!

Sonia said...

I so envy you and your photography skills! I wish so badly to be able to capture those moments!

Malakai is growing up so well and looking more handsome too!

Ferreira Family said...

Dear Malakia,

You are too beautiful for words.. Sounds like you are a very determined little man..

Enjoy your mango slices and enjoy exploring and learning..

The Ferreira Family

Melissa said...

I think of you as well;)
YAY for the great progress, how exciting!! I just LOVE how you capture these precious moments!! Awesome pictures...making me hungry;)

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Im sure Malakai is very happy now that his onto the good stuff..... Mango is so devine..... Oh and the last picture Loren -how absolutely amazing to witness such happiness in a child!!!!! Malakai you are a heart grabber! Oh and CONGRATS on the sitting!!! Your a star! Megs and Keaton

Deqlan said...

mmmmmm yum yum kai, looks like you reall enjoyed that mango! You are so so cute and i cant believe how quickly you growing and changing! cant wait to see you again! lots of love!

Lorraine said...

It is plain to see, that lying in your Mommy's arms is just the best place in the world to be!
Love You,

Tammy said...

Such a doll! It looks like Malakai is doing great!

Tim and Kelli said...

Yeah, Malakai. What a beautiful smile!