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Monday, March 9, 2009

Shout Out!

Have I mentioned before that being a working mom is difficult??? I'm not sure???

Anyway! I've come to accept (and even embrace) that 'busy' will always be an adjective in my life for at least the next 20 years! Whew! But when my day becomes positively hectic, then it's always a blessing to have great friends!

When Malakai was born, we made the decision that we didn't want him to go to daycare if we could help it. Now, I know for many people this isn't even an option, so we are very blessed to be able to afford someone to look after Malakai while I'm at work. We are blessed that he is the focus of someone's attention during the day and that his nanny can do all his excercises with him, play with him, and they have really formed an amazing bond.

This is great - most days. Not today though.

Today Malakai's nanny did not come to work. She gave me about 14 hours notice that she wouldn't be coming to work. Which gave me hardly any time at all to make a plan B for Malakai. No notice = hectic!

I really don't like asking for help - I really don't. But I had to suck it up and ask my dear friend Megan if she would be able to help out today. She was only too happy to do this! Thank you Megs!

So Malakai had a bit of a Mini-Daytrip today! I know he enjoyed himself and I am so grateful to Megan for helping us out in this situation.

It is ideal (in my opinion) for Malakai to have individual attention at home, but that also means that when my nanny can't be here, she can't be here. That's it. Make another plan. Quick.

Well - believe me... today was one of those that I'm very glad to have behind me. But one that I know I may face again sometime. It wasn't easy to ask, plan, and execute - but friends always the make the journey easier, more bearable... more than ok.

Shout out Megs! You really made my day (and Malakai's)!


Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Hey little Malakai, wow what a pleasure to look after you today, you were as good as gold! Your smiles made my day and I did not even have to work hard to get them from you! You are one of the happiness little men I know! Tell your mom that you were an absolute pleasure to watch and Im always here for you all! It was an honor to spend time with you and get to know you a little more! Also whisper into your mommy's ear that it was no trouble and in fact I would do it anytime! Sleep tight sweetie and see you soon! God bless! Megs and your buddy Keaton

Lisa Reid said...

Lol now cant we convince Megs to look after all our babies : )

Ferreira Family said...

Hi Loren,

I had to just laugh at this post.. I have had many days like that.. Try make a plan for 2 children, that is when it really gets beyond hectic..

I can definately relate to you in this blog..

ha ha! Take it easy..


Kelly said...

I swear when I read your blog, I feel like I'm reading about myself.

Work really gets in the way of taking care of my Landon and I so desire to be able to, and envy those that can, stay home to take care of my children. Landon was in day care, and though they adored and loved him, they were unable to provide that one-on-one, individualized attention. They weren't able to work on therapeutic activities on a consistent basis so when we were recently afforded the opportunity to have someone take care of him in home, we took advantage.

I, too, worry about the day she calls in sick. Right now it is so hard to juggle all of his appointments and make sure I'm not using all of my/my husband's leave time in case he is hospitalized again, or so I can take a much needed vacation. It can be very overwhelming at times.

It is great that you have wonderful friends to help out in desperate times.

Deqlan said...


Signe said...

I love the pictures and can so relate to the mad rush to make things work when one thing goes out of order. Glad it worked out and someone else got to be charmed by Malakai!