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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Upliftment. Gratitude. Thankfulness. Grace. Glorious Contentment. Whatever you call it - there is no harm in indulging in some every day.

So, today I am grateful for my two boys. I am completely astounded (I feel like I get hit by a bus) when I look at Malakai and realise he's mine... *smile* He is just so absolutely gorgeous, so clever, so gentle and funny. Little Harlan is starting to grow on me too - his little smile, given when I least expect it, really lights up my day. I'm getting to understand his little personality, so different from Malakai's (of course!) and I'm grateful that today that I was able to understand him well enough to avoid a meltdown of proportions that only Harlan is able to achieve :)

I am grateful for a wonderful husband, who loves me and who thinks of me. Yes, I really love that he thinks of me, considers my feelings, considers my needs, and then tries to meet them. He makes me feel very special and I am so lucky to have him as my husband.

I am so grateful for my husband's love of his children - his bond with Malakai is just beyond words - he absolutely adores his firstborn. He also gives Harlan the kisses and hugs that I sometimes forget in the day-to-day survival of a small baby with colic. I am grateful for that perfection - what I am unable to do, my husband so naturally picks up and runs with. A beautiful dance we have - together.

I am grateful for so many things - nik naks for breakfast, Malakai's first picture, Harlan's gurgly noises, Darryl's love, my beautiful patio to which I often escape, my blogs that inspire me every day, a mother and sister who I can turn to at anytime for words of encouragement and a giggle every now and again, wonderful friends who brighten my days and lighten my load... too many things to mention!

Here's Malakai and Natalia - looking so great in matching red outfits - sharing biscuits!

Yum Yum!

More please?

My beautiful boy!

A little smile curling Harlan's lips...

Now that's a smile that reached his eyes!

All this 'happiness' is tiring!



Cathy said...

Beautiful, beautiful post! And...gorgeous, gorgeous boys!

The Sanchez Family said...

Ditto! GORGEOUS little boys you have and a GORGEOUS little life you have!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous boys. To have that wonderful support! Makes the world heaven.

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Beautiful post, Beautiful pictures, Beautiful words..... From a Beautiful Person! God bless! Megs

Elriza Paul said...

Now that's a post!

Staff B said...

Cute Baby'S