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Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm a Rock Star

Today was my first day back at work after four and a half wonderful months at home on maternity leave.

I was meant to go back last week, but because both boys were so sick, I extended my leave by one week - so glad I did that!

After a hair-raising morning, we managed to get Malakai ready for school and keep Harlan happy the whole time! The morning run really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

And Work? Well, things are pretty much the way I left them last year. Only I seem to have changed. Did I love it? Well, I wouldn't say that...

Let's just say, on days like these I need to force myself to remember why I am blessed.

In a country that has a very high unemployment rate, I still have a job.

In a world where a recession has forced families out of their homes - their safe places, where they raise their families - we still have a beautiful home that meets all our needs.

In a time when divorce rates are high and parents are doing this on their own, I have a loving and devoted husband who walks by my side, really pulling his weight and supporting and loving his wife and children.

In a world where children get sick and fight every day for their lives, both my children are well again.

So - when it gets tough at work tomorrow (which I'm sure it will), I will just remind myself (in the wise words of a fellow blogger that I admire), I am a Rock Star... and I'll imagine myself wearing killer heals (not that I even own a pair...) that make me invincible. And you know what? It'll be ok.


stephanie said...

My hubby and I were talking about it being OK today.

We decided we were doing pretty well.

No money, not safe in our home. future seems uncertain, but our kids are good!

What else really matters????

And I am hoping your day at work is super tomorrow! And seriously buy a pair of killer heels!! just for fun!!!

Leigh, Kim and little Natalia Pomario said...

ha ha ha.... I am picturing you in killer heels.... lmao rotf. You ARE a Rock Star my dear sister... I love you!

Anderson Family said...

I think you are absolutely a rock star. Anyone who can get kids ready and out the door and to work on time is a rock star in my book! Your boys are adorable!