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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action


We're famous. Yes, you heard me. Famous... ;)

Well... at least with all those people who have nothing to do on a Saturday morning but watch TV!

Darryl and I were asked to go onto a parenting show (as part of the magazine that I write for) to talk about life as parents of a child with special needs.

I was excited to advocate for Down syndrome, and after some convincing, Darryl agreed that we could do the show - and 'do it' we did!

I don't remember exactly what we said, but I know it came from the heart and was positive. I do remember them asking if we'd have more children to which we answered "already done and 12 weeks old!" and then they asked if we were scared that our second child would have Down syndrome... Our answer was instant - "we weren't scared because if it happenend again, we'd be completely cool with it." We explained how Malakai was amazing and wonderful and light of our lives.

Maybe one person out there watching has a decision to make, and maybe we've opened the door ever so slightly - the door to acceptance and giving a little one a chance at life. At the very least, I hope we've shed a more positive light on Down syndrome - never a waste of time!!

Oh yes - and if I don't look quite like myself... you know... it's because the make-up lady lost the plot with the eyeshadow and the lipstick (two things I never wear...), but they assured me I'd look 'normal' on screen. *hold thumbs*

Oh yes, so be on the lookout for Mamas 'n Papas (the show) on SABC 3 at 11:30am on Saturday morning (8 April).


The Hapa Girl said...

Hopefully, we will find a way to catch it Stateside! youtube???

Either way...Congratulations! I bet you guys were awesome!

Debbie said...

Great job!!!! Wish i knew someone like you or new more about down syndrome 3 years ago!!!!

When i had my blood tests done with my little girl Hannah they came back postive for Down syndrome and it was the worst day of my life. Doc wanted me to decide if i wanted an amnio and was explaining the dangers of doing one ...how it had to be done asap as if i wanted to abort had to before 20 weeks etc

All i could do was cry and hold my tummy and feel my baby girl kicking...i have never been so heart broken and scared. If only i knew that one way or the other it would all be fine i would not have been as scared.

I did the amnio and all was ok but it was still a hard few weeks!!!!

Great job as you are sparing many women heart ache as they can see what a joy your angel has brought to your life with his extra chromosome......


Brandie said...

Very cool! I'll bet it was awesome :)

Lianna said...

Oh I wish I could watch, too! I bet you and your hubby did great!

Deqlan said...

aawww loren i only got to reading blogs now so i missed it!!!! but megs says conrad recorded it so hope i can go and see it soon !