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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

hello little blog...

... I promise I've missed you too...

Life is a bit crazy at the moment - so much to do, so little time! So here's a quick update of life in the Stow household!

My little Malakai is still a superstar! This week we've noticed for the first time that Malakai is signing more on his own. Up to now, he would sign when we prompted him, but rarely of his own accord. For example, yesterday he picked up Harlan's water bottle and signed 'water', he then picked up a stuffed dog and signed 'dog' and said 'woof'! He's also signing 'thank you' and 'please' when he wants juice (we're trying to extend this to all requests, but so far so good!).

Next week we're taking Malakai for his first operation... I am so not excited about this! He has an undescended testicle, and so they're going in there to fetch it! Apparently it is just a day procedure, so he'll be home the same day. Please say a little prayer for his quick recovery for next Wednesday!

As for Mr Harlan - our man is mobile! We are officially crawling this week! He is so determined, and just uses every move he's able to do to get himself around - but we've seen real and definite crawling! I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again - I just don't know how I'm going to cope with two mobile boys!

Also, I decided to stop breastfeeding Harlan at 9 months - I was sad at first, because it was such a special time that we shared, but I must say that it's gone well and I'm kinda relieved to have my boobs back to myself! LOL!

Then, we're so proud to announce the arrival of our vegetable babies! The weather has been in our favour, and after a few good rains the past week or so, we're seeing little sprouts (beans, baby marrow, and butternut), while our seedlings are flourishing (except for our green peppers... who seem a little unhappy at the moment).

Finally, Darryl won a trip to a 5-Star Lodge in Maputo Mozambique (just north of South Africa) today. The getaway includes flights, transfers, meals, accommodation... everything... And it is something we could never ordinarily afford to do, and it falls right on our 8th wedding anniversary... romantic no? After much deliberation, we've decided to fly Darryl's mom up from Durban to help Sheri (Darryl's sister) to babysit for the weekend.

Here is the rub... It is our first trip away from the boys, our first trip as a couple since our time in Scotland (5 years ago). I am so scared! I have not spent a night away from any of my boys (other than the time Darryl took Malakai to Durban for the weekend)... I just can't imagine actually being away from my boys.  Any advice or stories from your first trip away from your kids? How did you cope? How did you feel as though you prepared the 'babysitters' enough for what lay ahead? I'd love some feedback!

Ok, all you beautiful precious people in bloggy-land! Until next time - Love and Light.

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