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Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Harlan

Dearest Harlan,

So here we are my boy - 365 days since you came screaming (literally) into the world. When I think of the last year, what comes to mind the most is your determined spirit. From the first day you were born, you have made your feelings known - that's for sure!

Your first couple of months were difficult for you - and it was terrible for me to watch you being uncomfortable and unhappy, without much that I could do to help. I often worried how you would 'learn' to be happy with so few happy moments to go on... But boy was I wrong! You are about the happiest little guy I've ever met (when you're not tired or hungry...)!

You brighten my day and challenge my resolve, you make me think twice and inspire me to give you the best. Your love for me is amazing - I didn't realise that someone so small could give so much love!

So, in the past year you have gone from helpless little baby to a fully mobile almost-toddler! You are not walking yet, but I am convinced it's because in order to learn to walk, you need to slow down a bit... not something you know how to do!

You do everything at warp speed - you crawl from one place to another faster than I've ever seen a baby crawl (you actually kind of 'run' on your hands and knees...). You climb up on things and want to imitate everything that your brother does... not always safe though my angel!

You love to eat and your favourite word is 'more' - which you repeat over and over again while you eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and each snack in between!  You can also say 'ball', 'dada', 'mama', 'woof' and 'juice'. You wave good-bye, do the signs for 'finished' and 'sleep' and you give everyone copious amounts of wide-mouthed kisses!

This last year has been an amazing journey for me, Daddy and Malakai - getting to know you and making you part of our little family. We love you so much and think you're one amazing little boy!

All our love baby boy!


stephanie said...

Happy First Birthday Harlan!!! You've gotten so big!!!!

The pics are amazing!!! Not to mention your subjects. all such beautiful children.

Here's to a year of blessings!

jjpsmommy07 said...

Happy Birthday Harlan! Cannot believe you are 1 already.

The Sanchez Family said...

Darling!!! Happy Birthday Harlan!

Deqlan said...

happy 1st Birthday Harlan! Hope you had a lovely party , thanks for having us and for the beautiful party packs - your mommy is so clever giving us seeds to plant and grow!!! tell your mommy that her cupcakes where DIVINE and i need to get thee recipe! hope you enjoying your pressies! Love Mark Samm Deqlan Logan