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Friday, January 21, 2011


Malakai's first two weeks at school have all-in-all been a good experience. I really kept an open mind, which helped so much!

Unfortunately he has refused to eat the wonderful cooked lunches (I was so hoping he would see the other kids eating the lunch and buckle under the 'peer pressure', but no luck as yet). So, I'm packing him his standard sandwich and fruit combo - he's really fussy and will only eat certain kinds of sandwiches (peanut butter or bovril).

Also, he started crying when I dropped him off at school in the mornings - I mean, he stuck to me like velcro and his teacher had to literally pry him out of my arms. Luckily, I know of an excellent remedy based on Touch Therapy, which really helps when our little ones are feeling a bit emotionally insecure. Three days of touch therapy and this morning he jumped out my arms and ran to play!

As for the staff - I have watched, waited and not been pushy at all. I wanted them to discover the magic of Malakai all by themselves. I can't claim to know what they were thinking, but each one of the staff members has pulled me aside at some point this last week to tell me what a wonderful child Malakai is - how 'normal' he is... I am not offended by this description at all - I'm just pleased that their eyes have been opened to the possibilities that exist for every child (including those with different abilities). *smile*

Malakai was naturally a bit shy and reserved for the first few days, but his teacher tells me that he's really taking part now, and there are two little ones in his class that he is particularly close to. Everyday, I hear a story that makes my heart beat a bit faster with delight.

I believe that when learning about Noah's Ark, Malakai was the first to 'name' (using signs and animal sounds) most of the animals on the ark! Malakai is also very good at pointing to his various body parts, faster than the other kids apparently? And my favourite so far? During prayers, instead of saying 'amen' with the other kids, Malakai screams "Hooray!" with his hands in the air...

Be still my beating heart...

So - I'd say these first two weeks have been a raging success. They have far outstriped my wildest ideas (if I'd allowed myself to have any... which I didn't, pinkie-swear...).


Jennifer said...

Congrats to you and Malakai! He sounds like a wonderful little boy to be around:)

Leigh, Kim and little Natalia Pomario said...

Hooray, I love that. It's too cute.... Out of the mouths of babes.

Elriza Paul said...

Lol, "Hoorray" had to pick myself up from the floor laughing. That's the cutest thing ever. I'm so glad he's doing so well! This was an excellent move for him, can't wait to hear all the other things he comes up with!