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Friday, January 14, 2011

Malakai's First Day!

Malakai started school on Tuesday... It was a wonderful day! I am so excited that he's going to be attending creche (half day for the moment) because I truly believe that there is only so much I can teach him... The rest he is going to learn from interacting with and emulating his peers.

So far he's been a bit reluctant to eat or drink anything at school - I don't know if it's because he's having so much fun that he doesn't want to stop, or if he's just unsure of things (and he's a fussy eater as it is..). But we'll see! I am sure he won't starve to death in a matter of days...

Otherwise, the teacher tells me that he's getting more involved with each passing day. On the first day, he kept pretty much to himself and just explored the buildings and the gardens. On the second day, he didn't partake in drawing-time, but played with toys close by. And on the third day, he participated with the other little kiddos during circle-music time, and he and another little girl played together nicely...

I am just sitting back and seeing how things go at this point.  Oh yes, I have my fears that he won't fit in, or that he'll throw something at another child and hurt them, or that he'll want to hug and touch the other kids all the time (he's very affectionate) which will freak them out. Oh yes... I have my fears that Malakai will be 'obviously' different. But I am doing very well at keeping these thoughts in check.

I will not create stories about this that don't need to be told.  I want the true stories, the true journey, the true magic to unfold naturally and without any colouring from me.

I know that Malakai will do well - I know that he'll thrive in a fun and busy environment. I know that he has social delays - but I am sure this a purely because he hasn't really been exposed to many other children in his life so far. And the only way he's going to learn will be through experience.

So, our first week at school has gone well!

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Lianna said...

I'm so happy that Malakai has taken such a BIG step! I have a good suspicion that he will thrive, Loren.

I can't wait to read more!

Congratulations to you too!