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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Letter from Granny Dye

My Darling Malakai,
I have had the awesome privilege of experiencing your priceless gifts for a lifetime of 4 Months and 5 days!
Special Time #1
From our first introduction on the day you were born up to 10 days later, you gave me the gift of warm cuddles, peaceful sleeping in my arms, and your eyes beginning to focus on my enraptured face.
Special Time #2
You gave me another 10 day gift of staying awake for longer periods, staring directly into my eyes as I told you long stories, and teasing me with ‘Is that a real smile?’
Special Time #3
This time around there was no doubt about your gift of smiles – plenty of big ‘mouth wide open’ and ‘sparkling eyes’ smiles! We shared your fascinated discovery of your hands and feet and together acknowledged each little finger and toe.
Malakai, every precious moment we spend together, you give a wealth of gifts in the innocent simplicity of unconditionally sharing and embracing life right now, and now, and now. The future we inherit is an accumulation of our present now’s, the only place that life exists.
I trust you, my wise Malakai, to lead the way as we share many more ‘now’ moments.
Love you all the world!
Granny Lorraine

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