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Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Dearest Malakai,

Your first Christmas! What a wonderful day we all had! We woke up early and you started opening pressies at home - there were so many from so many people! You really enjoyed opening the presents - especially ripping the paper!

Then we went to visit Kim and Leigh, and Granny Dye was there too! We just chilled, the 6 of us, all day! We openend even MORE presents... went for a fabulous lunch... came home and swam in the jacuzzi and then, when we were all stuffed and very tired, we came home again! Your daddy even said that this was his favourite Christmas Day for a long time (I'm sure that had just a little something to do with you my angel!).

Soon you will begin to look forward to Christmas - a time when you are spoilt rotten and get brand new things from everyone (really cool!)... but you will also learn that Christmas is a time when everyone you love is around you, giving thanks for a year that has passed. Then, one day when you're big like mommy, Christmas becomes a magical time again (to be seen through the eyes of your child), and a time to reflect.

So much has changed this year (not least of which is your arrival into the world)! Our lives have changed so dramatically over the past year, and so have the lives of those we love... Your aunty Sheri seems to have found love (ooh la la...) & your aunty Leigh is married and busy growing you a cousin (who will arrive in the middle of the year!). So much has changed for everyone!

And you! Well you are really becoming a little man... today you learned to roll from your back to your tummy to your back again!! Your dad was there to see it and it made him sooo proud! We are so happy that you are getting bigger and stronger every day - you are our miracle baby! I am looking forward to sharing an amazing year with you & your daddy! I love you both so much I could just explode!!

You are all my Reasons for Being,


Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

What absolute beautiful photos you have of Malakai's first Christmas, I have tears in my eyes, especially the one with Malakai and Darryl where he is kissing him! Hope you had a magical day filled with beautiful and blessed memories... Thank you for being the gifts in our lives... God bless, Conrad, Megs and Keaton

Debbie said...

Wow, he has become so handsom. Your photos are gorgeous. Your Angel really is becoming cuter and cuter by the day, as if it is possible to get any cuter!!!!

Glad you guys had a wonderful xmas. We also had a great one purely because we had 2 angels to make it magical. They really are our reason for breathing.....everything seemd so much meaningful once you become a mum, sure you have found that out for yourself this year!!!! I love reading your blog most times you make me cry as your words are so beautiful.

Hope you have a fantastic 2009 and hopefully we will see you the end of next year for a family photo shoot!!!! We had one done here in the Uk, very different to your but it was ok. Looking forward to a more natural outdoor shoot with you.

Keep well


Anonymous said...

Dearest Malakai,

We can't believe just how amazingly fast you are growing into the cutest little guy!! The excitement visible on your face when opening your Christmas pressies, reminds us all of our childhood and how we looked forward to that special time of the year, Christmas!! May 2009 hold LOADS of HOPE, HEALTH, HAPPINESS and above all LOVE for all of you as you are very special people in our lives!!!

Coreen and Grant