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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Playgroup Christmas Party

Malakai has discovered his hands now!

Yum Yum!

Wrapping paper is always more interesting!

Our lovely table under the trees


"That box is bigger than me!"

Samm & Deqlan opening presents...

More pressies!

and more...

Playing in the beautiful garden

Keaton exploring!
Aunty Leigh looking lovely in her pink t-shirt!

Caden enjoying his sushi!!

Keaton and Caden playing with the little sushi!

Caden chilling in his seat!

Hello beautiful boy!

Keaton enjoying a little lunch!

Deqlan chilling with mommy!

Megan changing Keaton's nappy on the run!!

Our table under the trees!

Fast asleep!

Dearest Malakai,

Today we had your playgroup Christmas party! It was so much fun! We went to a wonderful country restuarant and sat under beautiful trees in the fantastic summer weather - it can't get much better than that!

Megan and Keaton, Sam & Deqlan, Elriza and Caden and Aunty Leigh were there to join us in celebrating our own little Christmas Party!

You received such beautiful gifts that I am sure you are going to enjoy so much! Elriza and Caden gave you a wonderful set of rattle-toys that are colourful, noisy and super-light so that you can hold them easily and practice your grasping! Sam and Deqlan gave you wonderful books that we can start reading together! Megan and Keaton gave you a book, a colourful shape-box, a wooden coordination toy and a super cool bathtime facecloth puppet!

Thank you so much my friends for your special and thoughtful gifts!

We wish all our friends a safe and joyous festive season, staying close to family and friends, and celebrating life and love!

I love you my boy and you and your daddy are my amazing boys!

You are all my Reasons for Being,




Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Stunning, Stunning, Stunning! Ahhh the photos are absolutely beautiful my friend!!! I would LOVE to print some and put them up in my home to remember what a precious gifts God has given us all.... THank you for a wonderful afternoon and for spoiling Keaton rotten! We put the water mobile together last night and I dont know who had more fun - Mamma or Keaton... He he he..... Looking forward to seeing you all very soon! Malakai is getting so big and so damn cute!!!!

Deqlan said...

aw what gorgeous photos especially with you and kai - loren to stunning - thank you for the wonderful party - and next year all four bys are going to be mobile - can you imagine that - we will have to have a party on the run! what blessings to have you as friends, and inspirations , motivators, sending your prayers up for us - the true gift of Christmas is in our loved ones, thank you for being there for us! Kai, your smile is electrifying! lots of love mark samm deqlan logan