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Friday, August 21, 2009


So, it's been a while since I've had the time to sit down and write a post - so much has happened... is happening...

Winter is almost behind us - Oh how I long for summer days! I am dreaming about being outside, lounging on the patio after the sun sets, relaxing with friends around a braai, and the end to (hopefully) the coughs and runny noses!

Malakai has never really been a sick baby, until now that is. Since his birthday and his first fever, he has hit about 10 serious fevers, developed a cough (shame, poor monkey) and yet another runny nose! I didn't know just how horrible winter can be for the little ones! I have visited the doctor more often in the past two weeks than I used to in 6 months!

Despite coughing like a smoker, Malakai is crawling all over the place and has started to scout out every available surface to pull himself up on. He's getting better at it every day, and this is one milestone that I haven't had to 'work hard' to motivate him to do - he wants to stand at every oportunity. Also, Malakai has started to babble and will go 'ba ba ba' in the cutest way! And then tonight, my dear husband was convinced that Malakai signed 'eat'. I watched and I think he may be right. Malakai clearly put his hand to his mouth while we were eating dinner (on the floor in his play-area... long story). Malakai did it over and over again until we gave him a little of what we were eating! Our imagination? Is he actively communicating? I'll keep everyone posted.

Other stuff that Malakai is doing:
He loves to read his picture books and insists on kissing all the pictures of babies (too cute).
He will come and find us if we hide and call him.
He will laugh when I play peek-a-boo.
He will have a 'conversation' with us, giggling when we repeat his sounds back to him.
He loves other babies and will make a bee-line for them and give them a kiss (off course)!

What Malakai isn't doing:
Pooing in the bath! Yay!

On the new-baby front! I am now about 16 weeks pregnant and it's a boy! I am very excited that Malakai will have a little 'partner in crime'! We will probably keep the nursery the same and just move Malakai into a big-boy room when the baby comes. Although, not like my first pregnancy, we are not 100% focussed on the new baby, because we just don't have the time! I am starting to look pregnant, which is great because then I don't have to continuously explain my very pregnant behaviour! I have done everything from going to the shops without my purse, leaving my cell phone on the roof of my car, forgetting to brush my teeth before leaving for work, thinking it was Valentines Day on the 14th of August (yes. I know.) and much much more! My brain is just not functioning on a level that is at all productive or even logical, and I am trying really to get it to, but no avail!

Life is good. That is feeling I have most of the time (when I'm not completely overemotional because of my hormones). I am so grateful for my life, for my son, for my pregnancy, for everything. We really have been blessed and I am acutely aware of how this is not the reality for many families out there.

Well - it's getting a bit late (past my bedtime for sure)! So off I go to bed and get my rest!


Monica Crumley said...

What a handsome guy you have, with gorgeous blue sparkly eyes. I saw your post on Finnian's blog and wanted to say hello from California.

Adrienne said...

Congrats on another boy! Hard to believe you're wanting warm weather when it's 92 degrees and humid as all get out here where I am in the US! I'm ready for fall-lol!

Lianna said...

What a WONDERFUL update! If you can, get a few copies of the Signing Time DVD's. Honestly, they are awesome and a great teaching tool for sign language. Even the little boy I am caring for, Ben, loves them. (Even if he seems to have no interest in using sign just yet! He's 20 months old.)

Another boy! Yay!!! Loren, I think you're going to have to watch the testosterone levels, LOL!!!

You sound like you're doing great!

Summer will soon be ending here in Ottawa, Canada -- and when you're basking in sun on the patio, we'll be shovelling snow, I'm sure! :)

Anderson Family said...

I think that is so funny that you are talking about winter being over - right now I am thinking of going swimming because it is almost 100 degrees here. Congratulations on the new baby boy - what fun your two boys will have together!

Lianna said...

Loren, I was thinking about Malakai's fevers and cold-like symptoms, and I wanted to mention that it could be possible that he suffers from sinus infections.

I know that when the ENT doctor checked Gabe's adenoids, he said they were "huge". This would contribute to Gabe having a "cold" for probably eight months out of every year. And if I am correct, it started when he was about 18-20 months old.

Anyway, he did have his adenoids, and tonsils, removed on June 8th. Although he has been battling a cold, the mucus buildup and runniness can't even compare to before surgery.

Just wanted to share in case this continues for Malakai. Going to the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor may help.

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

What a big boy you are Kai! You are growing up so fast! It was just awesome to spend some time with you yesterday and im so happy you enjoyed the flings - you were so adorable asking me for more food with your hand to your mouth! I saw it - clear as day! Well done!
Keaton enjoyed the play date and kissing you goodbye! Big hugs! Megs and Keaton

Deqlan said...

Hooray for Kai! Well done big guy on doing just a great job already of being 1! Cant wait to see you and to enjoy all the lovely things that your mommy is telling us about! Loren, take it easy , rest while you can and so excited that another little guy is on the way! See you guys soon, lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Beth said...

Oh yes, he most certainly is communicating! I have no doubt!

I hope he kicks the cough and fevers soon--it's miserable to have a sick baby.

Congratulations on the new baby boy! I always thought that 25% of my brain left me and went directly to the placenta. Now, having 3 kids, that means I only a 1/4th of my original brain left.

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

So great to get the update! I LOVE boys!!! Congrats on having another. Brothers are the BEST!

Rachel Smith said...

I remember reading your blog during the winter months in the U.S. and just dreaming of warmer days. We will just have to live vicariously through one another as we swap seasons. Congrats on another little boy!! They are going to be best pals for sure.