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Friday, August 7, 2009

As my baby gets ready to turn one...

So, we find ourselves on the eve of the day you were born my baby boy.

I am filled with so much – Love, Thoughts, Memories, Hopes, Pride, Excitement...

I have loved every minute of every day since your arrival, you continue to amaze and inspire me with your joy, smiles, love and determination.

What I wish I had known, the day you were born, the day we ‘found out’, the day that was filled with so many tears and heavy-heavy sadness... what I wish I had known then was that I had no reason to cry, no reason to be sad or fearful, because you would be ok. No. More than ok! You would fill our lives with wonder and joy and love and smiles.

Malakai you have taught me so much already – I now know that Perfection comes in many shapes and forms. I now know that Acceptance has nothing to do with ‘settling’ and everything to do with celebration of our lives together. I now know that no book, doctor, diagnosis or blood test can tell me who you are – only you can... in your time... in your way. I now know that little boys with naughty smiles can renew my soul... and fill my heart! I now know that I’ll be ok, not in the least because you’ve shown me that it’s all going to be ok.

This year has been an amazing journey. Your dad loves you so much, you brighten his days and make him so proud. He, like everyone else, thinks you’re just a superstar in every way. Your grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins adore you too. You have a special place in their hearts and the hearts of all our friends. I don’t think we could’ve imagined, the day you were born, what an impact you would make on everyone you meet.

My angel, as we draw your first year to a close, sealed with starry-eyed love, I want to think of your next year. I want to wish, imagine and project my ideas of what’s going to happen. But I am quickly reminded of the single biggest lesson you have ever taught me – stay here. Right here. This moment is our only promise, our only gift, the only place where we can truly make a difference.

So, bring on 366 days my baby... and then 367... One day at a time. Celebrating. Loving. Being. Becoming. One beautiful moment at a time.

Our Year in Pictures

*In my tummy*

*First Breath*
*1 day old*
*2 weeks old*

*1 month old*

*2 months old*

*3 months old*

*4 months old*
*5 months old*

*6 months old*

*7 months old*

*8 months old*

*9 months old*
*10 months old*
*11 months old*

*Almost 1!*


Lacey said...

Love all those great pics. It is sad how society makes us sad when we have a baby with DS because all that is said. Then we realize how wonderful and "normal" they are. We are indeed very lucky mommies.

Dustin and Kelly said...


Loren, it is great to reflect on that first year and realize all that this little life has taught you. The amazing reality that comes to light, that no one knows until they are there. It makes all the fears and worries that you had in the beginning seem so silly - I was worried about this strong, determined, happy, beautiful little being? Malakai is so sweet and adorable - thank you for sharing him with us!

Lianna said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Malakai! May every year bring you joy and laughter -- may every year bring joy and laughter to your mom and dad, too! Happy Happy Day!

Anderson Family said...

Beautiful tribute to a wonderful, perfect boy! The pictures are so precious - each one catching a glimpse of his personality. I remember the day Carter was born and we found out and I wondered how I would travel this road with him - but I like you found out that they simply just show us the way. It isn't anything like I had feared the first day....it has been wonderful.

Adrienne said...

So sweet! He is just precious and I hope he has a wonderful 1st birthday!!

Deqlan said...

Dear Gorgeous Malakai
Happy Happy 1st Birthday beautiful boy! We hope you have the most wonderful birthday today, and have the best time ever at your very first birthday party!
i cant believe you are already 1 - time has really flown - in this short space of time, we have learnt so so so much from you - you are a true inspiration to us all and the picture of pure joy and love.
Stay the gorgeous guy you are and know you are so loved! Cant wait to see all your birthday pics, sorry Aunty Samm cant come into your party with her nasty cough and throat, but Uncle Mark and Mr Deqlan will be sure to come with you from all of us!
May God continue to bless and keep you safe and continue to shine through you,you are truly so precious Malakai and i cant wait for Deqlan to play with you again!
God Bless, lots of love and congrats Daryll and Loren on your very first birthday for your beautiful boy
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

sheree said...

That was so touching and beautiful!

Happy Birthday, Malakai!

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Dearest Malakai,

Happy 1st Birthday big boy! Wow - what a year it has been hey? You have blossomed into such a beautiful, inspirational and adorable little guy! You have grown in our hearts like seeds to a flower! You are just the cutest little guy and Keaton is so blessed to have you as his little friend and for you both to grow up together will be a blessing!

May the year ahead only bring you laughter, joy and happiness Kai - May God hold you in the palm of his hand and bless you!

A very exciting year for you Kai, as you will become a big brother to your little sister or brother and boy are they blessed to have you as their brother!

Thank you so much for the lovely playdate we had on sunday - it was as usual great to see you!(especially when you were playing in the plastic ball pit) Your smile said it all!

Always remember how wonderful and beautiful your parents are! They are such awesome and great people! I admire your mom in so many ways! She is truly a wonderful friend!

Keaton loves you loads and we do too!

Conrad, Megs and Keaton

Tim and Kelli said...

Great pics. He looks so grown up in the last pic.
Happy Birthday Malakai!

jjpsmommy07 said...

Happy Birthday Malakai! You are truly a beautiful little boy.

Lisa said...

How sweet is this? Happy, Happy Birthday Mr. Malakai...

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Kai. May you continue to bring so much love and joy into the lives of all who meet you. It was just so amazing to see how you have grown and you are such a loveable little chap.
God bless you and your parent.
Hugs and Kisses
Marilyn (Cadens gran in Cape Town)

heather said...

Happy Birthday! He is such a beautiful boy!

therextras said...

Ah, congrats to Mom and Dad, too on his glorious anniversary!

Best laid plans, eh?

The photos show a wonderful celebration of life and love.