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Monday, August 16, 2010

Malakai's 2nd Birthday Party

Malakai's 2nd birthday party went off without a hitch - the theme? "On the Farm" because Malakai just loves singing (and signing) along to 'old MacDonald'. I really had a lot of fun with the theme and even sewed the table cloths (made from red gingham and blue denim). Last year I was working three jobs, so I had very little time to plan his first birthday party - so this year I had so much more time and put in so much more effort.

We are so thankful for everyone who came along to celebrate with us - Malakai is our beautiful boy and the day of his birth will forever signify the day our Life-Paths changed forever (in the very best way!).

If you missed it, here is my letter to Malakai for his special day.

1 comment:

Lianna said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Malakai!!!♥

If you would come to visit, Gabriel would sign Ole MacDonald with you because that is on his top 5 list. Number one is "Happy Birthday" and I just know he'd be happy to sing that to you!

Much love from us!