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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Words, Sleepless Nights & Licking the Dog

Yes... you read right!

So much has been happening around the Stow Household and I've had so little time... something I've realised - with two little boys - is not about to change anytime soon...

So - I've neglected to post about Malakai's first words, which have been making their appearance here and there of late. I suppose they're not like first steps or the first time he clapped (definite and difficult to miss) - his first words are more like cotton candy... they're wispy and fine, they disappear quickly, but they are oh so sweet...

He's been talking for a while now - in his own language!  But recently I've picked out words that he's using often and with intent, like baba, dada, mama, bird (for everything he sees), bahni/barney (he's an addict I tell you!) and his two favourites - more and no...

Other than his words, his signing has really blossomed too and he loves to go through his pack of signing cards, diligently looking at each picture and signing each one.  My favourites are the ones that he's decided need a sound effect too - like elephant (with a nasal sound), pig (with a piggy sound of course!) and bear (with a growl).  I just want to eat him up when he does these signs!!

Malakai also loves to be sung to - especially with actions and he'll try to imitate all the hand moves and he even anticipates the end of the song and gives the singer a round of applause...

As for sleepless nights - little Mr Harlan has his first tooth and is getting more so there go the nights... right out the window! I've been spoilt with Harlan because he's always been a good sleeper at night - so now I'm trying to make it through the day with sometimes only 3,5 hours sleep... sheesh!!

As for licking the dog... the culprit? Malakai of course!

We've just starting Sensory Integration Therapy because Malakai has a lot of behaviours that suggest he's seeking sensory input. He's still putting everything in his mouth (including parts of the dog!), he's throwing everything, banging everything, grinding his teeth and sometimes he'll sit on the floor, flexing his legs in front of him (really stretching them) for ages and ages - like he needs the sensation of knowing where his legs are. From what I understand, being a sensory-seeker means that he's not experiencing his world as fully as he should - almost like trying to read braille with gloves on (its possible... but not really ideal). So SI Therapy should help to integrate his senses properly, and so improve his experience of his world. I'm hoping it helps, because I would hate to experience the world as though I'm wearing a huge glove over my body.

And that (as they say) is it... for now!


Lianna said...

Woah! You have a lot going on woman!

I wish I would have had more information on SI therapy. Gabriel is still mouthing a lot of his world around him. Please keep us updated on how it goes for Malakai. I'm so proud of his accomplishments, too, Loren. He's doing SO great, isn't he!!!

Teething is a hard task, isn't it! Hopefully, Harlan will get through this bout rather quickly. I hope you're able to get some ZZZZ's in, too.

Deqlan said...

Go Kai!!!! Well done!!!
Loren, Deqlan is also a sensory child and definitely craves alot and resists alot - OT definitely helped - have you tried brushing? Also massaging - when these things are sorted the mouthing will decrease - Deqlan still loves to have everything in his mouth to - he feels with his mouth instead of his hands and thats why we battled to get him off the juice bottle !!! but we have now!!! 5 days!!

sanna said...

Hi! Love your blog! I see you were placed third last year on the SA blog Awards Best Parenting Blog. Can you perhaps tell me if the current list in the nominations phase reflects the true position of the blog as far as voting goes at the moment? Or is the placing random?

Good luck for this year!


Leigh, Kim and little Natalia Pomario said...

mmm, Alfie or Mitzi......yummy !?!