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Friday, August 22, 2008

Angels, Angels... Everywhere!

My Dearest Malakai,

You are now two weeks old! WOW my baby, you have done so well! All those things (those scary things...) that creep into my mind sometimes are quickly blown away on the wind...
"What scary things mom?" I hear you ask... Well, sometimes I start to think too far ahead, to challenges that are yet to face us in times to come... which is really silly because I can't know what the challenges will be until they arrive! So, I get a bit flustered and worried and scared of the unknown...
"So how do the thoughts blow away then?"
Well! All I have to do is watch you sleep, hold your little hand and feel the strength in your grip. I just need to look into your eyes - pools of blue reflecting the light, so bright and eager to take in your surroundings. I know you are ok. I know you are wise. I know you have a path that was chosen before I met you as my son. Knowing these things helps my scary thoughts to just lift off and blow away on the wind!
Also, my dear angel, the support and well wishes we have received from family, friends and even strangers over the past two weeks has astounded me! It seems to be that you have an army of angels around you! All of them are making themselves known and their love is like beautiful colourful brushstrokes on the canvas of our days!
Malakai, you have already taught me so much in your first two weeks!
OK! You have taught me that your father is so loving, positive and wise - someone I need to listen to more (but don't tell him that)! You have taught me that there are angels all around us if we ask for them and allow them into our lives. And most importantly, you have taught me to stay in the moment, focus on the goodness of today rather than worry about a tomorrow that has not yet revealed it's challenges!
Malakai, you and your daddy are my spotlights, showing me the path to walk that is most kind and compassionate.

You are all my Reasons for Being


Anonymous said...

Loren, you don't know me, but I am cousin to Mark and Samm and have been following your blog on photography, and of late, Malakai's blog. I just want you to know that I think you are an AMAZING woman, and an AMAZING mom! The strength you have shown to beautiful Malakai ALREADY just blows me away! Malakai definitely chose very carefully before he selected you and Daryl to be his Mommy and Daddy. Treasure him and love him every minute of every day, as I'm sure you know by now already, that he does and will continue to complete you.

God bless your beautiful family.

All my love and best wishes

Sam Mac Donald (and Don, Mia and Liam xxxx)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Malakai,

Firstly, congratulations to you and your Mommy (Loren) and Daddy (Darryl) on your safe arrival into our big and exciting world. Goodness, you are already two weeks old and in that short time, we have already witnessed your beautiful lessons in action.
I have been following your mommy's blog from before your birth and have been enchanted by her extraordinary ability to express herself so beautifully in amazing, poetic and metaphoric language, but it was just a "taste of things to come". Since your arrival, Mommy's talent for writing has become positively magnificent.
As your mommy and daddy have told you, your name means "messenger from God" and what a very special delivery you are !!! The Hebrew and Arabic derivatives of your name also mean that you are "my angel", that is ("Mommy and Daddy's Angel"). That is why tonight, when I saw your mommy's blog title (about angels), I knew it was the right time for me to introduce myself.

Your name (as Irish equivalent)also means Michael, so if we join Angel and Michael, we understand another part of your unique mission. Archangel Michael is the angel whose name means "he who is like God" and is the specific angel who is charged with releasing fear and doubt, performs heroic acts of protection, lends courage and the one who clears away any negativity. NOW we know what an exquisite blessing you already are and will continue to be beautiful Malakai, not only to your Mommy and Daddy and your family, but to everyone who has the privilege of knowing you.

By Mommy bravely sharing her innermost thoughts with us, we can assure you of the immeasurable, immense and unconditonal love she and Daddy have for you. But we can also see that Mommy understands so much about you already, just as you know so much about her, that's why you chose her and Daddy ! One of your and Mommy's first and great lessons to us all, is the powerful realization that the only way we can truly savour, cherish and treasure each other, is by living IN the moment, in the NOW, then taking one hour, one day at a time, and living that time so completely that not even a second is ever wasted.

You are a beautiful baby, with a serenity about you, way beyond your years and I hope to meet you very soon. Big love, hugs and kisses to you, and love to Mommy and Daddy.

One day soon, you will be playing with all the little friends around you. I can just guess that Deqlan, Keaton and Caden cannot wait to teach you all their tricks !!!

God's richest blessings always to you, Mommy and Daddy,. May God enfold you all in His love, infuse you with His strength, embrace you with His peace, and envelope you in His promises. What a very special family you are.

Lots of love,
Aunty Bev
(Nanna to Deqlan and Keaton)

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a PRESENT! Enjoy every second of unwrapping every second of today!We most certainly dont know what the future holds for us, but as long as you are all together and healthy that's the most important thing! How beautiful what Bev (My mom) said about Malakai's name also meaning "who is like God", I think we can relate this to Malakai, let me explain: God Loves us ALL unconditionally, God is Kind, God is patient, God brings Angels into our lives everyday, God Never Judges, God see's all of us as PERFECT. Little Malakai can show us all what life and love should be all about! God bless my friends and Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your friendship - we treasure it! Conrad, Megs and Keaton