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Monday, August 25, 2008

Letter from Granny Dye

Dear Malakai,

You continue to surprise me with your spirit and tenacity! You are so strong and so sure of what you want - I can't believe that at your age this is even possible!! I will always do my best, angel, to give you what you need - like a tigress with her pups, I am fiercely in love with you and want to keep you safe and sound!

In the meantime, your Granny Dye has written you a love letter as well! And here it is - for you!

My Darling Malakai,
Ever since your Mommy and Daddy told me that you were growing in Mommy’s tummy, I eagerly waited for you to arrive. I didn’t know anything about you yet so I imagined a brilliant clean canvas and that you were creating your very own unique work of art that would be revealed when you were ready. When you had been growing for 28.5 weeks, we saw a sneak preview of a very handsome young man. My heart started to flutter in anticipation of meeting you.
When we look forward to something really special, it seems to take a very long time. As you continued to grow, your Mommy told me a lot about you: You liked to exercise at night when she lay in bed; She played ‘tickle’ with you because the loved the feeling when you moved around inside her tummy; your Mommy even knew when you had hiccups; so many stories about you even before you were born!
Then the day arrived when you were ready to be born. Your Daddy sent me a message early in the morning to let me know and I was so excited – Today I would meet you! It took 7 hours for me to get to you and cradle you in my arms. Wow! Words are not adequate to describe the wave after wave of feelings that washed over me. In my arms lay absolute perfection – YOU, my darling grandson!
You have started a new exciting and adventurous chapter in my life - The priceless gift of experiencing life through your beautiful fresh eyes. A life of full of love, innocence, awe, pleasure, adventure, excitement, laughter and learning. You are my wise teacher Malakai, and I am your eager student.

You are all my Reasons for Being

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Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

What beautiful words from your Granny dear Malakai, she loves you very much thats for sure! I cannot agree more with Granny Dye that you are "the teacher" and all of us your "eager students"...... I too can learn so much from you and your wonderful parents and grandparents! Until we see you again, God bless and lots of love, Conrad, Megs and your buddy Keaton