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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Healthy & Happy!

Dear Malakai,

You are now a whole 12 days old! I can't believe how fast these 12 days have gone and how much you've changed already!

You love to eat (alot!), and you love to sleep (alot!). Dad loves to come home at night and play with you - he misses you during the day! I get to spend all day with you, watching you sleep, feeding you, playing with you when you wake up!

Although you have Down Syndrome, we are so proud that you are perfectly healthy! Many babies with DS have problems with their hearts, eyes, ears, muscle tone and thyroid issues and you are clear of all these! We are so happy and blessed that you are healthy! This means that as we grow together you will be able to do all the things that you want!

I have found a fantastic place for you to visit when you get a bit older called the Baby Therapy Center. There are many people there who can assist me in helping you reach your goals and milestones! I am very excited to get started with the games and excercises!

This is just a short letter tonight, because I am a bit sleep deprived (yes... you keep me up at night... but I love you all the more for that!)... So my brain just isn't as sharp as it once was!

I love you my angel!

You are all my Reasons for Being


Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Dearest Malakai,
What a precious little man you are! Its an honor to know your mommy and daddy, they are strong, caring, kind and wise friends who love you so much! We look forward to this wonderful journey with you and can't wait for you to come over and play with Keaton! My prayer is that God continues to keep you safe and that you grow up into a big, healthy and strong boy! Sweet Dreams Malakai and try not to keep your mom up to much tonight.... God bless and much love, Conrad, Megs and Keaton

Deqlan said...

Hello Kai, It was an honor to meet you today for the very first time today. You are to beautiful for words and i can already see that you are such a special little boy - just as i knew when i looked at my little Deqlan , the day he was born, there was something special about him and i knew he had come to do something very important - and that he did - he has taught us so many lessons and God has worked so many miracles through him. I can tell you that you to are going to move people in ways they never ever thought possible. You have so many many people who already love and adore you ! Cant wait for you to get a little bigger so Deqlan and you can play together. You have the most wonderful parents, you chose very wisely! Your mom has already done so much research and learning and investigating in order to give you the absolute best, she is doing a fantastic job. Please tell your Mommy and Daddy that if they need help with anything we are only a phone call away and here for you all , always. So sleep tight Messenger from God and cant wait to check into your blog each day and watch you grow and develop into the beautiful boy this world has been blessed with. God Bless and lots of love
Mark, Samm, Deqlan and Logan

Rina said...

Dear Malakai,
One day you will play with my grandson, Caden.
There's something that I need to tell you and that is that you will never be too old to learn. I have learned a lot from your parents and want to thank them for enriching my life with their strength and wisdom.
You and your parents will be in my prayers,
God bless,

helicare@mweb.co.za said...

Dearest Malakai,
You are just too cute and precious.
Never let anyone tell you that you do not have the most amazing parents. Your mom, through the letters she has written to you, has taught me so much. The amount of love that generates from your parents through the letters is undescribable. I could not prevent the tears from flowing. You are going to hold a very special place in everyones heart because you have already done just that in mine. I will in Pta this weekend and it will be a real honour to meet you. I will ask Wes and Elriza to make a plan so that we can meet. May God keep you safe in the palm of His hand and may He grant your parents all the strength they may require.
Lots of love "Little Messenger from God".
God Bless
Marilyn Paul (Caden's granny, Cape Town)

Anonymous said...

To our precious nephew
Kai, some days I leave work early just to visit you, to hold you, and to be with your wonderful Mommy. Your Mommy and Daddy are amazing people and we are all fortunate to have you in our lives. The love we have for you is indescribable...... I know you are going to do great things! and you are such a lucky boy to be born on such a special day to such a loving family.
Love your Auntie Leigh and Uncle Kim

Anonymous said...

Thank you Babes and Darryl for the gift of my gorgeous grandson. The privilege of meeting Malakai on the day of his birth, and spending his first 10 days with him, was totally awesome - I fell in love at first sight!

I'm looking forward to spending many adventurous hours with Kai exploring the beautiful world around us. And, one day just the two of us will go on a journey of discovery with TT.

For the moment, I have a photo of Kai on my computer desktop and proudly introduce him to everyone who enters my office.

Love You All the World