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Monday, August 18, 2008

And the Journey Begins!

I thought it would be apt to start this Love Story with the first letter that I wrote to my baby boy - on the day that the doctors confirmed he had Down Syndrome (although he was born on 08/08/08, we did not know for certain that he had Down Syndrome until 11/08/08).

Today was a difficult day my angel boy. Today we found out, without a doubt, that you are a Down Syndrome baby. Now, you may ask "What's that mom?" and I can only tell the little I know about it so far. It is a genetic thing that happens sometimes with babies from all races, countries and backgrounds, and it is basically an extra chromosome that makes you part of many little babies that are born like this.
"So?" you ask (quite rightly!)... exactly, my angel!
Just like there are many people with the 'normal' amount of chromosomes that are all unique and special, you too will be unique and special in your own way!
So, even if I could tell you more than this now (which I can't because I am still learning), I do know that the Medical & Scientific information cannot tell me who you are going to be and how you (and your special extra chromosome) are going to grow and be the perfect child that you are!
"So why the difficult day then mommy?" I hear you ask...
Well, sometimes (most times actually), grown ups believe that there is such a thing as 'not perfect'. We believe things should look, perform and 'be' a certain way and when they aren't, we become scared and call this 'not perfect'. All this is actually a silly story we tell ourselves to scare ourselves! So, mommy and daddy were not expecting our perfect baby boy to have an extra chromosome, and when we found out we got scared of what we didn't know.
Well, the simple answer is that we love you madly! I look at you (all 4 days old worth!) and my heart crumbles! I love you more that I can describe in words, but if I had to try, then it's like the sun breaking out after a Highveld Afternoon Thundershower - brilliant, new, fresh, magical, mystical, beautiful... You are me, you are your dad, and you are you! Forever will we be in you ad therefore a part of us exists outside ourselves... within you Malakai!
Today's 'difficult-ness' has (like the sun after a thunderstorm) washed away our fears. We can now focus on the Brilliant, New, Fresh, Magical, Beautiful Malakai!
My precious boy, I love you so much I want to pop!
Here's to a Magical Journey together!

You are all my Reasons for Being.


Lisa Reid said...

Welcome to the world Malakai, you are by far the cutest baby : )

heidi james & hannah said...

Dear Precious Baby Malakai
You are indeed a very special baby and your Mommy and Daddy are blessed to have you in their lives!

Caden Paul said...

Well I hope your happy Loren, now I'm crying and I'm at work looking like Gene Simmons with my mascara running! Malakai, you are such a blessed little boy to have the parents that you have. I know all of us are gonna learn so much from you and I can't wait to see the wonderful journey that life has planned out for you.

Lots of Love
Elriza, Wes & Caden

macflange said...

Hello little Angel from Heaven. You are very special and Have been sent to two very special people who will always love you, protect you and often be emotional towards people who stare and do not understand, don't worry about it, you are one in a million...My sister Tarryn is Downs and she is an Angel, a true Angel and just like you she will always bring the best out in everything and everyone. So little Angel, be strong, don't be afraid (it is more like we are more afraid than you are)the world is cruel sometimes but you will help everyone see things in a new and loving way. Be strong little one and help your mommy and daddy to be strong too, as only you will be able to do this...

Tarryn said...

Dear Baby Malakai

You are truly a handsome and very special boy! We hope that even though we are far away from JHB in Durban that we will get to meet with you soon! Hopefully while you are still so small and new to this world! You have got some amazing parents who are going to spoil you rotten and will support you through all adventures that life has to offer.

To your Mommy & Daddy congratulations on the birth of this very special angel, may he bring you lots of tears of JOY!!!
& not to many sleepless nights!!

All our love to the three of you!! Tarryn & Brett

Anonymous said...

Hello Stow family!
Your baby angel is gorgeous and we are so excited to meet him. Congrats! Jack can't wait for Kai to be a bit bigger so he can play with him!
Lots of love (and baby tips if you need them) Jarrod, Linda and Jack

Katie Jonker said...

You are so eloquent. What a beautiful letter and what a beautiful boy. You are already an amazing mother!
We cannot wait to hear more about Malakai and to hopefully meet him in the not too distant future.
Katie, Justin, Jude, and Julian Jonker

Therna said...

Hello Darryl, Loren and Malakai! What a beautiful angel you have - congratulations!!
Malakai: You are extremely blessed to have the parents you have!
I can't wait to hear and read more about this perfect little family!!
Lots of love,

Shirlinia said...

Dear Angel Baby Malakai

Welcome to our wonderful world! You are perfect! Everything in the universe happens as it should. I look forward to your development as a baby, toddler, child, tween, my goodness difficult teen and adult. You are loved and we pray for your mom and dad who have were blessed with you because of the patience, endurance and tenacity they have. Lots of Love. Shirlinia