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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Expectations? Never...

Dearest Malakai,

Your daddy took you today for your first therapy visit of the year, and because our therapists have changed, they only wanted to do an evaluation.

Well! You little charmer... The ladies adored you! Your daddy tells me that you charmed them with your contagious 'eat me up' smile, you rolled all over the place, sat like a mini-chubby tripod and basically behaved like the Miracle you are!

They agreed that you were well within 'typical' milestones and that you are doing so very well! Excellent my angel! They showed us some ideas for more excercises and we will now be going only to OT every second week.

I remember clearly when I was pregnant with you many people asked me if I was going to be 'demand feeding' or working with a 'routine', what my ideas were and what my preparations were. I remember saying that I had no expectations, I had no idea what motherhood entailed and I would just wait for you to arrive and then let you set the scene. I am now so pleased that I did that! Not only did you arrive with a little something extra, but I continued to have no expectations about your Down syndrome. I think that this has stopped me from creating 'imaginary limitations' for you my angel - you are you. I cannot say enough... I cannot express with words how deeply I believe that a blood-test cannot tell me who you are and what you are capable of. The idea of it is just as foreign to me as ice is to the dessert... I just know that you are my son, you are a wise soul, you chose to come to this world and be part of my life and I of yours! You have a path to walk that you are completely capable of (with my love, support and addoration of course!).

Never, ever let a label limit you. Never, ever believe that you are anything less than beautiful and wise. Always and forever be yourself, do your best, breathe deeply and let the small things pass. You are wise, you are perfect, you are you!
You are all my Reasons for Being,


Caden Paul said...

Hear Hear!!!

rickismom said...

Very true! Keep yourself unfettered by expectations, and also don't worry if he doesn't meet your expectations one day. There are some days like this, and some like that!
(My daughter Ricki has DS and is a spunkey teen of 14!)

Ferreira Family said...

I totally agree with your very wise mommy!!

You are truly one of a kind and by the looks of things you are one special little man!!

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Malakai - I now see part of the reason why you are a wise soul - you inheireted it from your mom! She is just as wise and beautiful! That must be the most stunning photo I have ever seen of your little miracle! Something to treasure forever! Love Megs

Jessica said...

Your words and your son are very beautiful.

Lianna said...

Your son is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations on his arrival -- and I must say that you are a wonderful writer and photographer!

Mary said...

I've just begun to read through your blog and wanted to let you know that I think you are such a beautiful writer (and I see I am not the only one). I wish the thoughts in my head would come out as beautiful as yours. You say everything I want to say but can't find the words for. Thank you.