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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Malakai's First Birthday Party

Keaton: 1 year old!! Born a whole month early, but so big & strong. Always smiling and happy and full of life!

Deqlan: +/- 2,5 years old. A brave survivor of Neuroblastoma and on the Autism Spectrum. Busy busy busy!! Always full of energy and life!

Caden: Born 3 months early, weighing only 1.02kgs. What a little fighter! What a little personality! A 'grabber' of hearts!

Dearest Malakai,
You attended your very first birthday party on Saturday! Keaton (and his mom Megan) are such great friends of ours and we are so happy to have been part of his 1st birthday! Happy birthday Keaton!

There was lots of colour, sounds, people and babies around - you had a blast I am sure!

I am so happy that you are going to grow up around three little boys that are each so unique, that have each had their own journey in their short little lives! Having these little boys in our lives shows us that we are all special and unique and we can all celebrate each other for who we are!
These are just some pictures from the day!
I love you my boy - you are so gorgeous and I couldn't be a prouder mom!

You are all my Reasons for Being!


Caden Paul said...

Wow, What awesome pics! I definitely agree, we're very lucky to have eachother and that our boys have eachother to play with and grow together!!!

Lots of Love
Elriza, Wes & Caden

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Thanks so much my friend for taking these stunning photos of my precious boy and his friends at his party! This is a gift which is priceless - memories!!!! Yes Keaton is so lucky to be surrounded by extrodanary boys! God bless! Megs

Deqlan said...

what miracles we have in our boys - God has blessed us with these gifts and the journeys we are on with each of them is for such an amazing reason - we are the luckiest girls ever to have these beautiful boys as our own and that God entrusted us with them , that he chose US to be their moms , He knew that each specific journey was suited to each specific Mommy and i am so grateful for the friendships we have formed and the lessons we continue to learn from each other every day. The pics are beautiful, really stunning - the new pic of Malakai is the best one yet! Thanks for all your guidance and direction and suggestions for Deqlan I really appreciate it! Lots of love and hugs and prayers and friendship, Mark Samm Deqlan Logan