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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Feeling the Love...

“At a loss for words”…is not a way that I normally describe myself! And for the past few days, as the responses to my last post poured in, I have been just that – without words!

Thank you to everyone who responded to a post that I was a little scared to put out there. I can’t say why I was scared, but I think I felt exposed and vulnerable, just laying my feelings bare. Well! I didn’t realize that my words and my feelings would be so meaningful to so many fellow bloggers out there! Thank you for validating me.

The world of bloggers is really an amazing thing! I love to read blogs, and every night you will find me behind my laptop at some point, going through the blogs that I love so dearly! As a mother to a baby with Ds, I cannot say how these blogs have changed my life – I mean that so sincerely. Many times, the experiences I read about bring me joy, amazement, hope, tears, laughter and most important – a feeling that I am not alone and never will be alone in my experiences with my beautiful boy!

To those of you out there that are living life loving someone who has Ds – I feel connected and part of a -very cool- secret club To those of you out there who support and care for our family simply because you love us, thank you! Through us you get to catch a glimpse of ‘holland’, and see that it is a beautiful place to be.

Now that this post has dragged on and on…LOL! I really wanted to just say thank you for the support and love – we love feeling the love!

Loren, Darryl & Malakai


Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

My friend, never forget how special you all are to us, never forget how much you are appreciated and never forget how much our friendship means to me! We will always be here for you and Darryl and Kai and know that im always only a phone call away! God bless! Megs

Rachel Smith said...

Don't stop the love letters. They are perfect and beautiful. I just had a baby boy (my first also) with Ds in Sept and this blog is exactly what I need. It seems too common to find blogs expressing the despair and frustration of having a child with Down syndrome. As women we can be so whiney!! I just love how positive and uplifting you are. What a breath of fresh air!!
You inspire me as a mother and don't stop taking photos...you are so talented. I love the catch light in Malakai's eyes in the photo at the top of your blog. Adorable!

Ferreira Family said...


I am sure by everyones positive reactions we will be seeing many more of these amazing letters in your blog. Your love for Malakai just streams from this blog and anyone that has met you and you talk about your baby boy, you can see all that love for him in your eyes.

A baby awakens something in a woman that only once you have had a baby you can understand the power and intensity of the love you have for this wonderful being...

Enjoy every waking moment with Malakai, he is a true gift from God.. He is indeed special and one of a kind!!

Take care & God Bless